Office Comfort – Within Your Grasp

Ergonomics smells more like a buzzword than An Actual Thing – “let’s leverage that synergy for customer-centric productization!” There is a real and practical side to ergonomics, though. And it is surprisingly simple to make some changes that can have a big impact for no money. First, a definition, and has a terrific one: […]

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How Can A Office Refurbishment Boost Morale?

Has a negative morale been palatable in your office? A lack of space and a rising tide of clutter can really get your employees down. It’s time to refurbish your office, if you haven’t considered it already, and increase the output of your staff. When your employees feel comfortable and looked after, statistics show that […]

How to Use Sound Acoustics for Better Productivity in the Workplace

An open-plan office can be a smart design in many ways. Rent is usually lower with this kind of design, and it’s a great way to encourage collaboration. Interaction and collaboration between coworkers can boost morale, and foster a more energized, happier workforce. There is one serious drawback to the open-plan office, hower, and that’s […]

The Importance of Great Office Designs

A recent survey has shown that in the services sector the two largest costs for a company are staff wages and office costs. It stands to reason that if the work environment has a relationship with and corresponds to worker productivity than careful consideration should be given to the office design and working environment. Workers […]

Shopping for Conference Chairs – Three Methods to Use

The conference room: It is a place where both employees and management spend a lot of their time. It is also a spot where prime brainstorming and creativity can take place. However, in order for great ideas to be produced and productivity to ensue, staff members need to be comfortable. This is why having conference […]

How We Used To Work

To many of us, the 1990s doesn’t seem like it was all that long ago.  It’s easy to feel as though things haven’t changed that much over the last 20 years or so.  The Internet still existed, and so did personal computers and mobile phones.  If you were a teenager or an adult during the […]