Is It Time To Get Yourself Up To Date?

Do you ever have the feeling that you are a bit out of touch when you hear other people talk about what is going on in the world? It is easy to fall behind the times these days but getting back up to speed needn’t be too difficult. Watch the News, or Listen to It […]

A Rise In Vehicle Sales In Texas A Sign Of A Recovering Economy?

As 2013 rolls on, many wonder if Texas will see continual economic growth as the months move ahead after a positive looking 2012. One of the biggest determining economic factors at the moment is automotive sales. After all, when auto sales seem to rise, it shows a sign that households have more money to spend […]

Solving The Problem Of Energy Labels

After an episode of ‘This Week’ on the BBC, which featured Martin Lewis, a financial journalist, I want to take this time to understand the thoughts of others about energy labels that are misleading, when looking into the efficiency of boilers for hot water and heating. There have been pressures in the UK consumers, since […]

Japan Radioactivity Could Impact Family Life

The earthquake that struck Japan on July 24, 2011 had immediate, destructive impacts on the landscape. Massive destruction from the subsequent tsunami was particularly harmful, destroying large communities and damaging the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant. The plant has leaked radiation ever since, which has caused worry for millions of people. Photo Credits: News […]