Review of SUZUKI BURGMAN 400  While the two wheeled vehicle world has long been dominated by motorcycles, scooters have always been around just nipping at the heels of their bigger and more powerful cousins. Capable vehicles in their own right, they were a ton of fun to ride and zip around in but lacked the […]

The World’s Most Famous Motorbikes

Motorbikes have long been synonymous with freedom and adventure. And thanks to those who rode them, James Dean, Steve McQueen, Elvis, Evil Kinevil, even the Fonz, they typify rebellion too. As rebels without a cause, it’s safe to assume that motorcycle insurance wasn’t high on their priority lists. But without these poster boys of cool, […]

Top 10 Ways to Avoid Motorbike Accidents

The sure fire way of not being injured in a motorcycle accident is not getting on your motorbike at all and just admiring it in the driveway – but the speed and sense of freedom in biking is what makes the experience so exhilarating and addictive. Older riders are now taking to the saddle – […]

Motorcycling Mecca!

Best known as the host of the annual TT Races, when 40,000 motorcycle fanatics descend on this small, normally most tranquil of islands, the Isle of Man for much of the year is a sedate holiday destination in the Irish Sea. But come each May and June, the place explodes with visitors to the famous […]

Motorcycle Owner Essentials

There are many benefits to a motorcycle compared to a car, with the main one being the lower running costs. But motorcyclists must still ensure they have the right safety equipment, insurance breakdown cover before hitting the open road. Safety Equipment Statistics show that motorcyclists involved in accidents are 40 times more likely to be […]

Essential Gear To Start Motocross

Motocross (often shortened to MX) is a dangerous sport. Accidents occur often and can sometimes be quite serious in a bad situation. Motocross gear is essential to help protect you in case of an incident, and it goes without saying that it’s often the reason there isn’t more deaths inside the sport. The truth is […]