Guide: What Is A Monoclonal Antibody?

Monoclonal antibodies are immunoglobulins that have been manufactured using duplicate immune cells cloned from one particular parent cell. Released by specialized white blood cells called plasma cells, antibodies are responsible for targeting and neutralizing illness-causing pathogens that have invaded the body. By identifying a component of a bacteria or virus called an antigen, antibodies “tag” […]

Non-Surgical Ways To Treat Chronic Pain

Millions of Americans suffer from some form of chronic pain that can make it difficult for them to enjoy life and fulfill daily responsibilities. Desperate for relief, many turn to invasive surgical procedures aimed at correcting some type of underlying problem. Unfortunately, surgery can be painful and risky. Many times, it also proves fruitless, especially […]

Biting The Hand That Feeds

The number of admissions for dog-related injuries in English hospitals has increased by 5.2%. According to the Health and Social Care Information Centre’s latest data, of all the injuries caused by dog bites or strikes, 1 in 6 were inflicted on children under the age of 10. Of that number, 1 in 2 resulted in […]

An Introduction to Occupational Therapy Jobs

You may be weighing up all of the options available to you with regards to seeking the best career path to follow – in this quest for answers, perhaps the role of: ‘Occupational Therapist’ has opened itself up to you as an option, but you wish to know more about what this type of job […]

How Backpacks Could Be Harming You

In recent years, it hasn’t been unusual to see kids coming home from school with their backpacks packed with books and other necessary school supplies. Unfortunately, having to carry around so many books and supplies can quickly make a kid’s backpack extremely unhealthy. While both kids and parents may often marvel at “how heavy” the […]