The Perfect Valentines Gift For Him

Everyone knows that Valentine’s Day is more about the woman; it is a chance to make her feel loved and cherished. However it is still important to make the special man in your life feel appreciated and cared for you. Buying for a man can be extremely difficult as it very hard to know what […]

The History Of Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day was originally known as ‘St Valentine’s day’ or ‘The feast of St Valentine.’ Now we know it as a largely commercialised day in which we exchange gifts with our loved one. It is celebrated on the 14th of February every year in many countries across the world.  But why do we celebrate it […]

Top 5 Romantic Locations in Australia

Australia is known for many qualities, but it is probably fair to say that romance isn’t high on the list of characteristics you would associate with the country. However, many locations around Australia are brilliant for escaping to with a loved one and relaxing with nothing but each other for company. We explored the top […]

How to Cast a Simple Love Spell that Works

Love spells are used to attract love and improve or strengthen relationships.  Love spells are often related and used with love potions.  The creation of love potions entails chants or magic words.  Nobody can tell if these love spells truly work, but it won’t hurt to try casting a simple love spell. Photo Credits: […]

How to Make Your Own Love Potion at Home

Even at this modern age, there are still some who believe and rely on love potions to improve romance or romantic relationships.  Love potions have long been very intriguing.  Some say the explanation behind love potions is because there are certain herbs, spices, and scents which arouse the senses, increase libido or desires.  These are […]