Why Everyone Is Switching To LED Lights

Why Everybody Is Switching To LED Lights In recent years, everyone has been affected by the threat of global warming. It is for this reason that many individuals, and of course businesses, are looking for methods to minimize their impact on the planet. There are many activities that we can engage in to help in […]

Lighting Types And How To Tell The Difference

If you are embarking on a room design one of the key elements is the lighting. And if you are renovating completely you’ll have to get the positioning of the lighting just right in terms of where it is in the room and how it is used. There are a variety of different types of […]

Implementing Effective Lighting

This post answers the following questions 1) What forms the foundation of any interior? 2) Why is it vital to understand the different forms of lighting? 3) What is the main and most basic level of lighting? 4) Why task lighting is often used within offices and other professional environments? 5) Where can you use […]