Should Christians be involved with Politics?

In this political season, when left battles right and vice versa, a question that is frequently asked is, “Should Christians be involved in politics?” No Some say Christians should stay out of politics because our calling as Christians is not to save the world but to save souls and preach the Gospel. In this passive approach, […]

Give Up Perfectionism and Live a Better Life

Are you making yourself miserable because of your perfectionism? If so, would you like to be able to let it go and have a healthier, slightly less perfect life? Perfectionism is a set of unrealistic expectations that cause us to always feel that we have fallen short. As such, perfectionists never get to feel true […]

How Animals Improve Your Life

How Animals Improve Your Life

How To Overcome Bad Habits That Are Holding You Back

Don’t let your bad habits hold you back in life.

Getting Your Life Path Number and Its Meaning

Numerology is an age-old system of beliefs that is based on the relationship between numbers and the physical realm, including living beings.  Throughout the years, this field has developed into a broad system with various applications. One of the most important concepts in numerology is the life path number.  At first, it may seem confusing […]