White Collar Crimes Explained

When ‘crime’ is casually discussed, the standard assumption is illegalities such as robbery, assault, or homicide. If asked to describe a criminal, one would typically explain a shady character walking around late at night, wearing dark clothes and a ski mask about to rob a home. People don’t associate criminal activity with shirts and ties, […]

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3 Ways to Make Your Business Boom

This post answers the following questions 1) What certain techniques can work to boost your business? 2) Why is it highly recommended to hire a professional? 3) What are the ways to make your business boom? 4) Why does creating a written business plan important? 5) What will help you make decisions for the future? […]

Dealing With the Right to Die

Should someone have the right to die? For those who hold self-determination to be of paramount importance, it would seem logical that if you can pay taxes, vote and contribute to society, you should be allowed to choose whether or not you wish to continue living. For the most part, you can; suicide is not […]

Bankruptcy – What Are My Rights?

If you have insufficient assets to meet your unsecured debts, you can voluntarily file a petition for bankruptcy. If you’re faced with overwhelming unsecured debts, such as credit card or personal loan debts, which you’ll never be able to repay, bankruptcy allows you to make a fresh start financially. However, once you are made bankrupt […]

Hiring a Nanny: How to Get All Your Legal Ducks in a Row

this post answers the following questions 1. Is it difficult to hire a nanny? 2. Are there any necessary things I have to do before I can hire a nanny? 3. How will I know if the nanny I’m considering hiring can legally work? 4. Why is it important to report the information of my […]

The Most Publicized Celebrity Criminal Court Cases Of The Decade

Every so often, a celebrity does something so beyond disbelief that it catches the news headlines and shocks the world.

Need a Lawyer? Important Questions to Ask

Important questions to ask a lawyer if you are in need of legal representation.

Good Legal Advice Makes A Big Difference In DUI Cases

Image by henribergius If you’ve been stopped and arrested for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, you are probably woefully unaware of what you can expect to experience in your upcoming interactions with police and the courts. In addition, you’re probably unsure of what your rights are, and how you should conduct yourself […]