Get Your Lawn Ready For Spring Now!

It seems like only yesterday that the dead of winter was upon us, with snow and cold temperatures hitting many major cities throughout the United States. But with spring only a few weeks away, it is not too early to start worrying over landscaping duties and curb appeal! Traditionally there are two difficult seasons for […]

Can Artificial Grass Help The Environment?

With work, family, and a social life to juggle, we don’t get out into the garden as much as we’d like. Do you inwardly groan as the grass grows up to ankle-height and you know you’re going to have to dig out the lawn mower…again? Of course, we all want an attractive garden – especially […]

How to Strip Your Lawn

Cutting turf means to remove the part of your garden, or lawn that has the grass on it revealing the dark, brown coloured turf underneath, either for re turfing or planting. Historically, this was done with spades and manpower, however the best way to do this effectively is through the use of a turf cutter. […]