Keeping Your Kids Safe When Buying Them a Smart Phone

It seems like kids are asking for their own smart phones at earlier and earlier ages, and many parents are unsure what to do. These days, even many kindergarten students are already begging mom and dad for a cell phone of their own, and these phones can be good tools for staying in touch and […]

Personal Information and Children’s Websites

Chances are your children access the Internet at some point during the day, whether they’re using laptops at the kitchen table or sitting in classroom chairs. Many websites designed with children in mind collect personal information about site users, information that could lead to identity fraud if it fell into the wrong hands. In order […]

Top 5 Social Media for Kids

This includes young children who do not always have a complete understanding of the dangers careless internet use can result in. If keeping your children safe, without preventing them from using the internet completely, is a priority as a parent, there are a number of options open to you. Here we list the top five […]