Finding The Right Holiday Home Insurance

Those lucky enough to have a second home will know the benefits it can bring. Whether you rent yours out for extra income or use it as somewhere to escape from everyday life every now and again, a holiday home is likely to be just as close to your heart as your first home. However, […]

What To Expect When Crossing The Border To Mexico

What to Expect when Crossing the Border to Mexico Just because you know what you need to bring with you to get into Mexico doesn’t mean you’re prepared to cross the border. If you’ve never crossed the U.S.-Mexico border, you’re in for a few surprises. This border is a lot different than the border between […]

Top 10 Tips For Hiring Cars Abroad (Mileage, Dents, Fuel, Insurance)

Hiring a car abroad has been made much easier by travel sites offering the latest deals from major car hire companies like Avis and Hertz, most of which are now based at airports. Getting the best deals on car hire abroad can still take a bit of research, however, as car hire rates can vary […]

What Happens when You Lie to Your Insurance Company

Insurance can get expensive, and some people might find it tempting to lie in order to get reduced payments or even to get money for something that they weren’t actually insured for. You might conceal drink driving incidents or speeding tickets in order to get lower car insurance payments, for example. Or you might say […]

Cross Border Auto Insurance: Are You Adequately Covered Abroad?

Insurance regulations are uniquely different from one country to another and in the USA from state to state. If you drive south into Mexico you need a policy that will cover you inside of that country or you risk exposing yourself to significant financial liability and/or jail time. You’ll need to find a broker who […]

Is Facebook Bringing You Unwelcome Visitors?

Largely due to the digital revolution, the world is moving fast and forward in every direction possible. And those who believe that the criminal fraternity is being left behind would also, sadly, be mistaken.  The cyber criminals of today are constantly lurking online looking for any kind of chink in a person’s security armour for […]

Why has Car Insurance Gone through the Roof?

The answer to this questions will almost certainly be ‘yes’, new figures now show that in the last year car insurance has risen sharply across Britain by 12.3%. This now makes the average cost of car insurance a whopping £843 and is seriously having an effect on the motor industry. Car insurance has gone up […]

Black Box Car Insurance Explained

With expensive car-insurance premiums hitting motorist’s hard, particularly younger drivers, a new form of policy is growing in popularity. The idea behind black box car insurance is to reward careful driving with a cheaper insurance premium. This unique kind of policy requires a black box recorder to be placed inside the car’s dashboard. The device […]

Top Safety Features Every Car Should Have

Modern vehicles have many safety features that assist drivers to prevent collisions and even increase the chance of surviving an accident. Technology has allowed drivers to have smoother rides based on the safety features installed in their cars. Check out the top safety features, other than airbags and seatbelts, which every car should have. Photo […]

Tips To Lower The Cost Of Your Life Insurance Policy

Making sure your loved ones are well protected after your death is an important part of financial planning but life insurance can be an expensive cost. Shelling out a chunk of cash each month for something you will never feel the benefit of can be difficult, especially if the household budget is a bit squeezed. […]

What Is The Role Of A Loss Adjuster?

If you have found yourself in the unfortunate position of having to make a claim on your insurance, the chances are you may well have been told that a Loss Adjuster will be coming to visit you. But unless you have been through the process before, you may not be fully aware of a Loss […]

The Ins and Outs of Regulating Insurance

In the United Kingdom, we are lucky enough to have one of the most envied legal systems in the world. Our common law and court system is emulated on every continent from Asia to North America and the average British citizen is immensely proud of our ethics and morals that transcend the duties of our […]

Saving Your Sanity Goes Hand in Hand with Reducing Stress

this post answers the following questions 1. Is getting more rest lowers your stress? 2. How can exercise help you with stress? 3. How hobbies can help you with stress? 4. Can time management help you with stress? 5. Is it true that without stress your life improves? A stress free life is a Healthier […]

Travel Insurance Explained

For most of us, when we plan a holiday it’s all about finding new places to explore and getting excited about all the things to see and do. When you’re looking forward to your adventure abroad it’s easy to forget about the finer details – no one wants to consider that something could go wrong. […]

Floods and Home Insurance

The unseasonable weather we’re experiencing might be a one-off and this time next year we’ll all be basking in glorious sunshine (oh please, oh please…) but for now we are potentially faced with several weeks of torrential rain or, at best, frequent showers.  That pattern is likely to continue into Autumn and Winter.  Yes, it’s […]

Van-dalism Can Be Costly

Please excuse the Sun style pun used in the headline, but the law states that all vehicles on the road must be insured, that includes vans. For tradesman, there are many types of insurance that need to be taken out; van insurance is a legal must, but then what about public liability, income protection and […]

Will My Insurance Rate Go Down if I Buy a Hybrid Car?

If you are thinking of dumping your gas guzzler and picking up a hybrid, you could end up saving a pretty penny on auto insurance. Some top insurance companies are offering five to ten percent discounts on premiums for hybrid owners. However, this may not apply in every case, as hybrids are also typically more […]

Motorcycle Owner Essentials

There are many benefits to a motorcycle compared to a car, with the main one being the lower running costs. But motorcyclists must still ensure they have the right safety equipment, insurance breakdown cover before hitting the open road. Safety Equipment Statistics show that motorcyclists involved in accidents are 40 times more likely to be […]

How To Find The Right RV Insurance Policy

The insurance for a recreational vehicle or RV is rather expensive because it combines home insurance with car insurance. This is due to the nature of an RV which is used as a home and a car at the same time. If you want the best deal for your RV insurance, you have to get […]

How to Compare Medical Transportation Services

Choosing the medical transport service that meets your needs doesn’t have to be a hassle when you consider the following: Step 1:  Know which transport mode is needed.  Long distance medical transport can be done by air, rail or sea, while short distance needs can be met with an ambulance from a nearby hospital or […]