How to Find the Easiest Country to Migrate To

Are you thinking about changing location? Do you want to migrate? If yes, you have to be warned then that migrating to many popular locations is not very easy.

How to Migrate to the USA as a student

International students are mandated to follow the immigration rules of the US. If a student wants to engage in another endeavor outside academics, this is permitted only in accordance to DHS regulations.

How to Convert a Tourist Visa Into an Immigrant Visa

The non-immigrant visas are for the international travellers, entering US on a temporary basis. These travellers come to the United States for a plethora of reasons: tourism, medical treatment, and maybe even business.

Applying for a Visa through the Canadian Experience Class Immigration Program

The Canadian Experience Class is the new category in Canadian immigration that extends work permits to temporary workers and students who want to work and study in the country while giving them the chance to become permanent residents and eventually, Canadian citizens.  Canadian Immigration started to accept applications under this new category in 2008. What […]

How to Apply for an Australian Immigration Appeal

this post answers the following questions 1. Can you get an attorney to assess if it is decisions are valid? 2. Is it advisable to get an attorney while filing an appeal? 3. Is important to review immigration guide lines? 4. Can I check thru online for the submission date of appeals? 5. Is there […]

How to File for US Immigration Appeal

People sometimes are denied of their immigration petition even though they filed the correct papers and submitted the appropriate documents.  If this has happened to you, then you know how stressful and frustrating it can be.  On the other hand, if you have been currently denied of your immigration petition, worry not because you can […]

Reunite with Your Family through Canada’s Family Sponsorship Programme

If you are already a permanent resident of Canada and you would like to reunite your family in Canada, you may sponsor them when applying for a visa.  Not all members of your family are eligible for sponsorship, though. Understanding the basics of Canada’s Family sponsorship programme for immigrants In Canada’s Family Sponsorship Program, you […]

Immigrating to Canada as a Businessowner

Entrepreneurs are needed in Canada in order to provide more jobs and services for the growing economy.  Foreign business owners and investors may apply for a Canadian visa if they meet the requirements set by the Canadian government. The requirements for applying as an immigrant investor, entrepreneur, and self-employed persons are different.  For an immigrant […]

Getting a US Immigration Visa through Employment

Foreigners who would like to be employed in the United States should secure an employment visa so that they will be permitted to work and stay in the country.  If you already have a US-based employer, the process that you will have to go through is different if you are just about to look for […]

Applying for a US Immigration Visa through your Spouse

One of the ways for a foreigner to get a US Visa is to apply for a spouse visa.  Some couples find this as one of the fastest methods of getting a US visa that many of them get married before they come back to settle in the United States. Requirements to be met by […]