Buying A Lemon? The Complete Used Vehicle Pre-Purchase Inspection Checklist

How is buying a used car like visiting a brothel? In the end, you’re pretty certain you’ll get screwed! When it comes to uncertainty, there is nothing that can be more uncertain than attempting to buy a used vehicle. Sure you can get the car-fax report, the salesperson can seem trustworthy, and the vehicle can […]

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How To Become A Scuba Instructor

For many of us, scuba is our greatest love. And if you’re looking for work or a change in career during these tough economic times, then why not make your passion your profession? There are, however, many myths about the life of a scuba diving instructor: the sunshine, the glamour; the prestige and the money […]

How To Do Budget Home Improvements

Making improvements to your home is something most of us set our minds to do at some stage or other.  But, it can work out quite costly if you have a list of things you want doing throughout the house.  Yet it needn’t be that way.  You can still make home improvements on a budget […]

How Light Bulbs Can Lower Your Electric Bill

For families looking to cut their expenses and increase their savings, one of the first places to start is electricity usage, particularly lighting, which accounts for an average of 15% of a household’s electric usage. In addition, 90% of the energy emitted from traditional incandescent light bulbs is heat, not light. By simply switching out […]

How To Deal With A Cross-Border Product Liability Lawsuit

When you are dealing with a product liability lawsuit, naming the appropriate defendant can be a great challenge. You may have multiple defendants who seem to be involved in the defective design of a product or distribution of a faulty product.