Keeping Your Eavestroughing Maintained

The purpose of the gutters or eavestroughing attached to your home is to collect water that flows down the roof. This can be from rain during a storm or when ice or snow has begun to melt. The gutters on a home are the large troughs that are located under the edge of the roof. […]

Tips To Moving Overseas

Moves are almost always exciting, and this is even more true when you’re making the decision to move overseas. Soon, not only will you be living in a new house, but you’ll have the opportunity to explore an entirely new country on a daily basis. What do you need to know before moving over there? […]

Essential Packing Supplies

When you’re moving, it can be tedious to pack things up if you don’t have the right materials on hand. Furthermore, it can result in significant damage to your more delicate items such as glassware, dishes, keepsakes and electronics. Unfortunately, many people don’t stop to make sure that they have all of the necessary materials […]

Should You Buy A Fixer-Upper?

For those that love a good project, the idea of buying a “handyman’s special” can be enticing; there’s the chance to buy a house in a good neighborhood, for far below market value, spend a bit of time and money fixing it up, and in the end you get a house that’s like new and […]

Steps To Increase Your Home Security

A few years back, I was living in a single-story family home with my husband in a tight-knit community. I had never worried about crime or the potential of a burglary until it had happened to us. One afternoon, we returned home from a shopping trip to discover our home had been broken into and […]

Five Easy Tips To A More Secure Home

Securing your home isn’t just about installing the latest gadgets and tripwires. Your family, friends and the people you trust in your home are also integral to your home security efforts. Always keep the residents of your home in the forefront of your mind before you install the latest and greatest tech. Always look for […]

Floods and Home Insurance

The unseasonable weather we’re experiencing might be a one-off and this time next year we’ll all be basking in glorious sunshine (oh please, oh please…) but for now we are potentially faced with several weeks of torrential rain or, at best, frequent showers.  That pattern is likely to continue into Autumn and Winter.  Yes, it’s […]

Tips for Selling Your Condo

Tips about selling your condo

How to Safeguard Your House Before Going on a Vacation

If you have plans to go on a vacation, your welfare or safety is not the only thing that you have to think about.  Your home should also be given attention.  Going away from your house for a few days would make your house an easy target for burglars.  So in order to ensure that […]