3 Reasons To Vacation In Charleston, South Carolina

If you live on the east coast and are stumped as to where to take your next vacation, you should consider Charleston, South Carolina. Family friendly, with plenty of activities for young and old, it is a great place to visit. Located along the coast, this city is rich with history, beautiful landscapes, and delicious […]

The History Of Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day was originally known as ‘St Valentine’s day’ or ‘The feast of St Valentine.’ Now we know it as a largely commercialised day in which we exchange gifts with our loved one. It is celebrated on the 14th of February every year in many countries across the world.  But why do we celebrate it […]

The Diamonds History

For many years, the source of diamonds was a mystery.  These amazing stones, so different from other rocks, turned up only in the sand of rivers.  People found them, marveled at their beauty and used them for many things- but they had no idea where they came from. The first recorded use of diamonds comes […]

5 Classic Military Battles That Changed The World

The Battle of Hastings In October of 1066, the Norman conquest of England reached its final climax. The English army—under the leadership of King Harold II—was defeated by William II, Duke of Normandy. He became King of England, and is referred to as William, The Conqueror. The Norman rulers replaced the old English aristocracy. This […]