Reasons To Rethink Your Non-Organic Carpet Cleaning Methods

As people have begun to show greater concern these days for what they put into their bodies and pay more attention to environmental issues as well, they’ve probably started to notice that numerous products are being made available that have the organic label slapped on it. From food and beauty to clothing and cleaning, you […]

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Home And Design: How To Bring Nature Indoors

In our opinion, a healthy home environment means bringing Mother Nature indoors with you. We believe there should be an element of the natural world within every living room to help add a lively element to your home, and create a healthier, brighter environment that will keep you earthed. Here are 10 simple ways to […]

Top 5 Books About Sugar Addictions

When you hear the word “addiction” odds are your mind immediately goes to drugs and alcohol. If you’re asked to stretch a bit further, you may be led to think about addictions to gambling, pornography, or maybe even shopping or overeating. But have you ever thought about a sugar addiction? It’s true, it is possible […]

5 Tips For Staying Healthy As A Business Traveler

Staying healthy as a business traveler is very important, and business travelers sometimes have trouble finding the time to stay healthy while going on frequent and long business trips. By following these effective tips, any business traveler can stay healthy and improve their health overall. Get Enough Sleep Getting adequate levels of sleep has been […]

Healthy Lifestyle Tips For A Busy Professional

Everyone is looking for that extra bit of energy. That extra burst that gets you over the hump. But where does it come from? More sleep? More exercise? Diet? For many people today all three, sleep, exercise, and diet, can be improved with easy changes in their daily routine. Here are a few simple tips […]

How To Prevent Cycling Injuries

Cycling is an enjoyable activity whether it be for leisure or for exercise. Furthermore it’s a much more economic and environmentally friendly way of getting around than cars. Because of this it’s a very common sight to see bikes travelling along the side of the road in the bike lanes, or when there are no […]

Are Daily Health Guidelines Really Practical?

Guidelines on healthy eating has seeped its way onto every billboard, advert and food packet but are these guidelines at all realistic? We’re all for being healthy, and sacrificing fast food for a more balanced diet, but are the daily healthy guidelines really practical when faced with a busy schedule and a realistic budget? When […]

How to Stop “Social Smoking” Developing Into A Full-Time Habit

Quitting Social Smoking Quitting social smoking can prove in many cases to be just as difficult as giving up the real thing. There are many reasons why social smoking is so popular, however most of the time it is linked to lower inhibitions while drinking, and fitting in with a large group of colleagues or […]