Reasons To Rethink Your Non-Organic Carpet Cleaning Methods

As people have begun to show greater concern these days for what they put into their bodies and pay more attention to environmental issues as well, they’ve probably started to notice that numerous products are being made available that have the organic label slapped on it. From food and beauty to clothing and cleaning, you […]

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Celergen: The New Fountain Of Youth?

When looking for the perfect anti-aging antidote, people use a myriad of products in hopes to reduce wrinkles, promote skin elasticity and feel confident in the skin they’re in. Signs of aging can be seen as early as 30 or so, spotting the first strand of white hair or crow’s feet. Nobody wants to look […]

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The Facts About OCD

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is a mental condition that’s a lot more common than people think; OCD actually affects 1.2 million Brits but sufferers tend to hide their compulsions, which is why it can be hard to detect. OCD involves people suffering from a mixture of obsessive and unwanted thoughts of which they can’t control. […]

Avoiding Stress – Tips For A Stress Free Life

Stress is a major contributor to many poor diets, health problems and oral health problems for many people.  People with chronic stress often feel more aches and pains in the body, they feel depressed and anxious over those who balance their stress. But feeling stress can affect more than just your mood, it can affect […]

The 5 Best Portable Oxygen Concentrators

The primary features one looks for when selecting a portable oxygen concentrator, aside from its basic functionality in providing oxygen on demand, include weight, portability, ease of use, and operational noise level. The following list represents some of the most popular options available, detailing the features of each to help you make a decision on […]

CoQ10 Vs. Ubiquinol

Which Supplement Should You Take? For more than 30 years, many people have used CoQ10 or coenzyme Q10 as a food supplement. The benefits of this nutrient on the human body have been studied extensively, and findings show that CoQ10 can indeed help promote cardiovascular health and increase energy production. However, in recent years, another […]

More Information About Respironics Oxygen Concentrators

Oxygen therapy is a common medical treatment regimen that benefits countless patients for varying reasons. Without this common yet critical therapy, many patients would experience a substantially reduced quality of life or be left to rely solely on solutions within a controlled medical environment. Patients who rely on the reliable delivery of pure oxygen within […]

Top 5 Books About Sugar Addictions

When you hear the word “addiction” odds are your mind immediately goes to drugs and alcohol. If you’re asked to stretch a bit further, you may be led to think about addictions to gambling, pornography, or maybe even shopping or overeating. But have you ever thought about a sugar addiction? It’s true, it is possible […]

5 Tips For Staying Healthy As A Business Traveler

Staying healthy as a business traveler is very important, and business travelers sometimes have trouble finding the time to stay healthy while going on frequent and long business trips. By following these effective tips, any business traveler can stay healthy and improve their health overall. Get Enough Sleep Getting adequate levels of sleep has been […]

How Cataract Surgery Is Performed

Did you know, that a large percentage of the adult population in the country is affected by cataracts? This condition, even though painless, reduces one’s ability to clearly see colours, increases glare and can cause blindness in worst case scenarios. A sufferer, should seriously consider surgery if their condition has worsened to the extent that […]

Surfing Statistics

Forget everything you’ve heard: exercise doesn’t have to be boring! If getting motivated to get moving is the biggest problem you’re facing in taking your fitness endeavors to the next level, you’ll need to consider a form of exercise that takes you outside of the box. Enter surfing. As if hitting the waves and showing […]

Lung Cancer Susceptibility In Asian Women Linked To Gene Variation

When there is an abnormal cell growth in the lungs, it leads to lung cancer. Lung cancer is often caused due to smoking, but is not restricted to it alone. Usually there are no signs or symptoms to identify lung cancer, but coughing, shortness of breath and wheezing may appear in advanced stages of cancer. […]

Healthy Lifestyle Tips For A Busy Professional

Everyone is looking for that extra bit of energy. That extra burst that gets you over the hump. But where does it come from? More sleep? More exercise? Diet? For many people today all three, sleep, exercise, and diet, can be improved with easy changes in their daily routine. Here are a few simple tips […]

Post-Accident Namaste – 5 Benefits Of Adding Yoga To Natural Healing

Japanese artist and activist Yoko Ono once said that, “Healing yourself is connected with healing others.” One way that this takes place is through natural healing methods, like chiropractic care, exercise, physical therapy, acupuncture, or yoga just to name a few. Combining Natural Healing Methods If you have experienced some kind of accident, then you […]

Sleep Apnea-3 Frequently Asked Questions

OSA – those three letters can mean a lot to people who haven’t had a restful night’s sleep in ages and aren’t quite sure why. OSA stands for obstructive sleep apnea, a sneaky problem that affects many people. In fact, eight out of ten people who suffer from this issue don’t even know it. Here […]

How To Prevent Cycling Injuries

Cycling is an enjoyable activity whether it be for leisure or for exercise. Furthermore it’s a much more economic and environmentally friendly way of getting around than cars. Because of this it’s a very common sight to see bikes travelling along the side of the road in the bike lanes, or when there are no […]

Can Smoking Have Positive Implications?

There is no denying the fact that smoking is one of the vices responsible for an extremely high mortality rate. The purpose of the following article is not by any means to determine you to start smoking or to advocate tobacco; it’s written purely for informational reasons and it should be interpreted as such. If […]

Best and Worst Halloween Foods for Your Teeth

Halloween is just around the corner, and if you’re like most trick-or-treaters that means candy will be top of the mind. Some candies are better for your teeth over others. Dentist certainly don’t like Halloween because sugar can cause cavities, however not all candies are created equal. We put together a list of worst and […]

Should Illegal Drugs be Legalized?

“Should illegal drugs be legalized?” That is a very common question nowadays. It’s true; drugs are a very large problem in our country. With all of the problems that they are creating, there are many different opinions on how the War on Drugs should be fought. One fairly common argument on this is that our […]

Five Aspects to Consider When Looking for a Prescription Discount Card Program

For New York residents, purchasing medication each month can be costly and can quickly drain the bank account. While the purchase is necessary and cannot be avoided, there are ways to overcome the high cost simply by enrolling in a program to help. The following are some important aspects to consider when choosing which program […]

Pure, Chlorine-Free Water is Just a Click Away

Water softeners are pretty popular, because people erroneously think that hard water is a bad thing. It is not. Water does not only deliver hydration. It delivers necessary minerals. The National Research Council states that minerals found in hard water, such as magnesium and calcium, which water softeners remove, are needed to keep our bodies […]

Drinking Water – Why It Should Be Filtered

You hear often about how filtered water is ‘purer’ or more beneficial than the tap or bottled variety and the good points stretch considerably further than you may have thought. Photo Credits: Protection from harm The water that comes from your tap can contain a number of wholly undesirable agents. The toxins sometimes found can […]

6 Ways to Jumpstart Your Energy in the Afternoon

Let’s face it, our day to day lives can get really hectic. We are all so busy and it seems that sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done that we need to. This becomes especially hard to deal with when we don’t feel our best or do not have […]

6 New Ways to Sleep Through the Night

More and more people are having trouble sleeping through the night. Whether it is due to stress, racing thoughts or insomnia there are ways to help you sleep through the night. Minor changes in your life can help you sleep through the night and help you feel more rested. Quick fixes are not the way […]

Smile With Confidence With Proper Oral Care

A mouth that looks and smells healthy is a mouth that has benefited from good oral hygiene practices. A healthy mouth is a mouth where the gum tissue is pink and does not bleed or hurt when flossing and brushing. The teeth are clean and free of debris and there is not constant bad breath. […]

A Change in Diet, Why Americans Have Started Eating Less Meat

Americans rank second only to the fine people of Luxembourg in the amount of meat eaten per capita a year. Americans, on average, eat nearly 25 times more meat a year than people living in India and the Democratic Republic of Congo, and eat between two to three times as much as those living in […]

Helping Your Teen Understand and Deal with Acne

Over 85 percent of all teens deal with acne, causing many to feel poorly about their appearance.