How Cataract Surgery Is Performed

Did you know, that a large percentage of the adult population in the country is affected by cataracts? This condition, even though painless, reduces one’s ability to clearly see colours, increases glare and can cause blindness in worst case scenarios. A sufferer, should seriously consider surgery if their condition has worsened to the extent that […]

Hiring A Female Personal Trainer

Female personal trainers are becoming just as popular within gyms as male personal trainers. Often women come to gyms and fine it a very daunting experience, particularly if they find their bodies unattractive and they don’t feel good within in themselves. The last thing that these types of women would want is a male trainer […]

Medicine Ball Press-ups In Your Living Room

It’s amazing what a tool the size of a soccer ball can do for your upper body and core. Get yourself a medicine ball and get to work—right in your living room, for a stronger body and core, shapelier shoulders and arms, and a lower body fat level. Welcome medicine ball press-ups into your home! […]

Medical Negligence Is Prevalent

Leon – Medical Negligence is prevalent Medical negligence is becoming more prevalent as patients come forward with harrowing stories of the poor standard of care they received. In many cases, patients face even greater harm than before they sought treatment. It can be a horrible experience to leave a medical facility feeling worse than you […]

How To Prevent Cycling Injuries

Cycling is an enjoyable activity whether it be for leisure or for exercise. Furthermore it’s a much more economic and environmentally friendly way of getting around than cars. Because of this it’s a very common sight to see bikes travelling along the side of the road in the bike lanes, or when there are no […]

What Is A Walk In Bath And Who Are They For?

A walk in bath is a bath that is primarily designed for the elderly or people who struggle with mobility problems. They are designed to help people enjoy the comfort of having a bath in their home, which they would struggle with if using an average bath suite. Walk in baths have many features that […]

Ultimate Power Songs

We’ve all been there before; your energy and commitment levels are flagging. All you want to do is stop, just for a minute; you can see the finish line but the desire to reach it has floundered. Then out of nowhere, as if your iPod has sensed your imminent failure, the first beats of the […]

3 Reasons to Take Up Cycling

Cycling is an activity that everyone should consider doing. There are numerous benefits that come along with cycling. Below are three of the many benefits that cycling offers: Photo Credits: Weight loss Obesity is a growing problem in the United Kingdom. In fact, it is estimated that if current trends continue, nearly one third of […]

How Disabled People Can Enjoy Cycling

Riding a bike is an activity that many of us take for granted. Cycling is a fantastic exercise in fitness terms and also allows people to get out and explore their world in a really accessible and fun way. Many people with disabilities used to be denied the opportunity to experience this wonderful sport, largely […]

Yoga: Fitness Trend of the Year

Yoga has been a trend in fitness for many years already. We know it as an assortment of spiritual techniques done to achieve a good sense of mind, body, and spirit. It makes a person attain a state of enlightenment. Some people think of it as religion but it is actually just a journey to […]

What’s All This Talk About Raspberry Ketones?

If you’ve been watching a lot of TV, and if you’ve heard a lot of health and fitness claims, then you’ve surely heard about raspberry ketones. These molecules got their day in the sun when Dr. Oz talked about them being a weight loss miracle in a bottle. But what exactly are raspberry ketones, and […]