Post-Accident Namaste – 5 Benefits Of Adding Yoga To Natural Healing

Japanese artist and activist Yoko Ono once said that, “Healing yourself is connected with healing others.” One way that this takes place is through natural healing methods, like chiropractic care, exercise, physical therapy, acupuncture, or yoga just to name a few. Combining Natural Healing Methods If you have experienced some kind of accident, then you […]

Dr. Insect Will See You Now

Medicine has advanced so far throughout the world that we sometimes forget how the medical field operated only 100 years ago. Unfortunately, these outdated methods may still be used among some of the most primitive populations remaining. Not too long ago, the world around us was its own doctor’s office. Plant extracts and parts were […]

Steps for Cleansing the Seven Chakras

One common misconception people have about chakras is they are completely abstract concepts. In other words, the chakras exist on an invisible plane and are, hence, indestructible. Is this an accurate assessment of what the seven chakras embody? No, this would really not be an accurate statement whatsoever. The seven chakras in the body are […]