Going Green: Outdoor Wood Boiler

When many people think of going off the grid or adopting green energy in to their home, they think of solar power. Harnessing the energy of the sun can bring with it other problems, like damaged roofs, the unreliability of the weather and high cost. However, there is another option besides electric, oil or natural […]

On Yer Bike: 4 Ways Pedal Power Will Change The World

Image by:  NASA Goddard Photo and Video Cycling can be more than a hobby or a means by which to get to and from work every day. It’s health and environmental benefits are already well known, but using the humble bicycle as a means to make a positive and influential global change has yet to […]

Rusted To New: Polish Your Metal Cabinets

Rust builds up when oxygen and moisture come in contact with any metal object. In case you notice some brownish red spots or marks on your metal cabinets, then it is apparent the rust is the reason causing the discoloration and deterioration. The stains formed due to rusting are not only ugly, but also decay […]

Solving The Problem Of Energy Labels

After an episode of ‘This Week’ on the BBC, which featured Martin Lewis, a financial journalist, I want to take this time to understand the thoughts of others about energy labels that are misleading, when looking into the efficiency of boilers for hot water and heating. There have been pressures in the UK consumers, since […]

Sustainable Design: An Old Concept is New Again

Sustainable design is a term thrown around a lot these days. However, what it really means is very much open to interpretation. Generally it is understood we “can’t keep doing things the way they always have been done” in order to uphold the principals of conserving our natural resources. Yet doing thing the way they […]

Solution to Poverty

The concept that a little bit of hope is all that is needed to make a difference in the lives of the poorest of the poor may sound like it has been dreamed up by an unrealistic activist.

Five Essential Features of a True Green Roof System

A true green roof is more than a garden in the clouds; it is a surface that is sustainable against the elements, reducing the amount of waste and energy created by high installation, products and maintenance costs.

Three Quick Steps to an Eco-Friendly Kitchen that Saves Money

The kitchen is one of the most active rooms in any home, both in terms of time spent inside of it and the amount of energy that is required to operate it.

Applying for a US Green Card

A green card is the legal proof that a person is permitted permanent residency in the United States.  Aside from that, the person will be allowed to work in the United States and to travel outside the US for a limited time.  The green card holder may also petition for a green card application for […]