Role Of Food Packaging In Fast-Moving Life

Human life has become fast, speed is the order of the day, people are always on the move and therefore there is a need to make things easier. Food is also a part of this fast paced life now, with disposable cups and plates made of paper, paper bags and mini containers carrying single serving […]

Two Quinoa Recipes

Cooked quinoa is a great staple for morning times. Quinoa is a grain-like crop grown for its edible seeds. In 1000BC the Andean people of south America started producing this staple which would form an important part of their diet, even if unknown to the rest of the world. Quite Savory Quinoa Recipe Image Quite […]

Easy Recipes To Cook For Your Date

There is absolutely no doubt that women adore presents like jewelry, store purchased gifts, flowers, and they also appreciate it a lot if you cook them something for your date with them. This would in fact be the best and the most impressive way of saying that you love her. A special dating meal for […]

Food And Fat Loss

Food and Fat Loss When we feel down at certain times in our lives, we turn to food for comfort. Eating is one of our favorite things to do and we turn to food to cheer ourselves when feel stressed about the things that are happening in our lives. We celebrate with food and food […]

Eating Traditions Around The World

We often take our own customs and quirks for granted, and it is not until we go away abroad and compare ourselves to the locals that we really pick up on them. Every country around the world has its own idiosyncrasies which make the dining ritual unique to that specific country. This could be sitting […]

Which Celebrity Chef Are You Most Like In The Kitchen?

Image by ssoosay The TV chef, in recent years, has become a phenomenon. These days the TV schedules are chock-a-block with cooking programmes, each finding a different angle to illustrate the diversity of food, ingredients and the range of palatable dishes available to the inclined and the imaginative. However, with so many talented culinary hotshots […]

How To Host A Classy ‘Come Dine With Me’ Night In Your Student Halls

Image by ‘’ Don’t lie, students – before you came to uni, whenever you had a day off school, you watched Come Dine With Me repeats in the afternoon. And those of you at uni now still probably watch it if you have access to a TV or 4oD. We love it! And I’m sure […]

Dry your Own

Fruit dehydration is probably the oldest technique of preserving fruits and vegetables. Preceding the development of modern technology and food innovation, societies used salt to preserve food, or they simply dried the fruit and veg in the sun. Nowadays – we have the help of a food dehydrator to aid us in the drying of […]

Hangover Recovery Delivery Right To Your Door

Anyone who has ever suffered from a hangover understands the pain.  But let’s face it, you can only sleep for so long, you can only drink so much orange juice, the antacid has become your enemy, and the sports drink is near toxic. There comes a point in time when you have to face cold […]

Pakistan’s Importance As A Supplier For The UAE

Agriculture is the largest sector of Pakistan’s economy. The farming industry contributes for 24% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and it is estimated that farm labour accounts for half of the country’s employed workforce. This is because Pakistan has extremely favourable agricultural conditions, with rich arable land and one of the largest water irrigation […]

Great Recipes For This Upcoming Halloween

This post answers the following questions 1) What is the major element of Halloween? 2) How to make Witches Fingers? 3) What is Truffle Eyeballs? 4) What will you need to make Toffee Apples? 5) Why is it easy to make Halloween Treats? Halloween is a time to have fun and it never gets old, […]

Make The Perfect Christmas Lunch

This post answers the following questions 1) What is a typical three course meal that you would have on Christmas? 2) How to roast a turkey? 3) What is the best compliment to the turkey? 4) How many hours a 10 pound turkey will be cooked? 5) How to make the perfect christmas lunch Christmas […]

Romanian Wine & Food – A New Taste For 2012

Romanian food is a vibrant and extremely varied type of cuisine. The taste buds of the Romanian people have been influenced by a wide range of different religions, cultures as well as changes in available resources over the ages. Alongside the food Romania also has a secret that is slowly emerging amongst the western world; […]

What Is Lactic Acid?

Lactic acid has been cited on a number of occasions as a big reason behind the pain athletes suffer during their sport, so exactly how does it work? There is every chance that if you have taken part in exercise sessions or sports clubs with an instructor or coach then you will have heard about […]

The Food Allergies Every Food Safety Supervisor Should Know About

With food allergies becoming more prevalent, food safety is more important than ever, especially for anyone handling food for public consumption. Anyone who possesses a food allergy can readily attest to how inconvenient and dangerous it can be when dealing with prepared meals from either takeaway or outings, and they need to know that, when […]

Tips/Advice On Buying A Cast Iron Casserole Set

No matter how attractive brightly coloured modern cookware can look, there’s nothing that looks classier than a cast iron skillet hanging in the kitchen.  Synonymous with serious cooking, cast iron cookware looks reassuringly heavyweight and cared for properly, can last for an entire lifetime. Cast iron casserole sets darken with age which unlike other types […]

Using a catering business for your event can work wonders

Some information on why using a catering company can really at that wow factor to your event. When organising a wedding or Christening, birthday or business event, they can all be very stressful, so having as much help as possible can make the event run smoothly and enable the organiser to enjoy it as well. […]

Famous Breweries, Pubs And Beer

Beer was the first alcoholic beverage known to civilization. Beer was the first product people made from grain and water, which was discovered even before bread-making.  The oldest proof of beer was brewed on German soil around 800 BC, between 10,000 and 15,000 years ago. In ancient time, beer was unfiltered and cloudy.  Straws were […]

Kitchen Gadgets that Save Time and Money

Kitchen Gadgets that Save Time and Money Nutritious delicious homemade meals don’t have to mean hours spent in the kitchen slaving over a hot stove. There are a number of kitchen appliances that can help you to enjoy delicious meals every day without sacrificing the time you want to spend on other pursuits, such as […]

An Easy Guide to Buying a Food Processor

If you’re remodeling your kitchen, you probably have big dreams of making it better than it ever was before. You envision high-tech appliances and modern style. You’ll focus on the main things like new flooring, a change of color scheme, a new refrigerator, and a new range. But what about those other little appliances? A […]

Hampers Make Great Gifts for All Occasions

Choosing a gift for somebody can be a very difficult thing and there is always a concern that you may be buying the wrong thing. It is not always easy to be sure whether or not you are buying something that will meet the recipient’s preferences and there is also always the risk of buying […]

5 Things you Should Always Stock in your Kitchen Pantry

If you’re always finding yourself short on time, not having the chance to get to the supermarket or spend hours preparing a meal in the kitchen, stocking basic ingredients in your pantry can help you to be a budding chef! There is an abundance of non-perishable items that can easily be used to make a […]

5 Tips for a Hygienic Kitchen

Whether you cook at home in order to save money, eat healthier or foster family ties, having a clean kitchen can make the experience much more pleasant. Keeping your surfaces and utensils hygienic can also be important for health reasons. A well kept kitchen is the most important safeguard against food poisoning, mould and bacterial […]

5 Tips for Being Efficient in the Kitchen

Do you find yourself throwing away food because it’s gone bad and you just forgot to cook it? Do you hate reheating the same leftovers again and again? Or do you just wish you could spend less time cooking and more time enjoying your food? Either way, creating more efficient kitchen habits is an excellent […]

Truth about Wagyu Beef

If you’ve ever heard of a Kobe beef or Wagyu beef being sold in the United States then it’s quite likely that you’re dealing with a “spoof.” There’s been a lot of controversy over the way that Americans have stolen the type of meat and claimed that they use it in some of the meals […]

Buying the Perfect Family Ice Cream Machine

Open up a whole new world of desserts with your own homemade ice cream!

5 Healthiest Foods You Can Feed Your Children

How to give your child the foods they need to excell

How to Pack Essential Items for Camping

A well planned camping could be a failure once you forgot some important items at home.  Bringing the necessary camping gear will ensure that you will be comfortable even if you are away from the comforts of your home.  It is important that you carefully shop and pack the things that you will need carefully.  […]

How to Organize Your Refrigerator

Your refrigerator is one of the most important and used appliances in your house. It is where you keep your food. As this is where you put the very stuff that you put inside you everyday, it is given that your refrigerator should be clean and organized. However, as you may have noticed, either from […]

How to Plan for a Picnic

A picnic is a spur of the moment thing that you can pull off without a hitch anytime, anywhere.  It is often defined as a simple, casual outdoor excursion that involves eating a meal, whether it is a simple lunch or snacks, outside.  Typical places where picnics are held include hillsides, parks, gardens, and the […]