Decorating Ideas For Rugs

Rugs look great in any room in any house; they can be used to make a statement or to mellow the surroundings. Rugs aren’t just an accessory though; they can be used to decorate rooms in a huge number of ways that you’d never expect. They’re brilliant insulators as well, rugs almost always add warmth […]

The Advantages Of Using Rugs In The Home

Many people consider a rug to be ‘just another accessory’, but they’re actually much more. Rugs can make any space feel comfortable and cosy; they reflect your personality and add a little bit of you to your home. As well as a multitude of purposes and benefits, rugs are also one of the easiest ways […]

Durable Flooring Ideas For Pubs, Clubs And Bars

What the entertainment industry has learned from past flooring trends After the entertainment industry has had to cope with a large number of legislative shake-ups in recent years, the interiors of pubs, clubs and bars have changed fairly drastically to meet new demands. It was that long ago that nearly all of these venues would […]

Creating The Perfect Sports Facility

With the Olympics still fresh in everyone’s mind, the country remains on a sporting high with people wanting to replicate their own memories from a fantastic summer. New sporting facilities are being created all over the country to cope with the extra demand and schools and sports clubs alike are looking to expand their current […]

Why Rugs Are Better Than Carpets?

Nowadays people have changed their opinions on carpeted flooring. This has happened since laminate flooring has come on the scene. They have realised how it is much more modern and easy to use than carpet. There are many other reasons for this opinion and it is one that a lot of people share. With new […]