Why You Should Get Your Fiance A Puppy This Christmas

Finding that perfect gift for a loved one is always a challenge during the holidays. You want to get them something you know they’ll love, and something that demonstrates how much you love them. If you’re shopping for your finance this Christmas, your task is to find a gift that’s worthy of the lifelong commitment […]

How to Migrate to the USA as a Fiance

According to the observations of some experts, a newly-married man or woman migrating to the US is not exactly the same as a fiance doing the same thing. According to the theories, a fiance is still unmarried, thus he still belongs to the single classification.

Applying for an Australian Fiance Visa

Is your fiance an Australian and you are a foreigner to his or her home country?  Do you wish to enter Australia to marry him or her?  If your answer to these two questions is a “yes,” then it is imperative that you first apply and get a Prospective Marriage (Fiance) visa. The application for […]

Applying for a UK Fiancé Visa

Have you ever been involved in a long distance relationship?  Being in a relationship where your partner is living in another country, say UK?  Some people who have gone through this experience know how to maintain their relationship well.  For most however, this kind of relationship usually fails.  It seems that most people need their […]