5 Common Problems in Household Water Supplies

Movies from Chinatown to Erin Brockovich have brought to light the problems that our water supply can cause. While these are extreme cases, there are still common water problems that have caused concern in many households across the country. Hard water is found in approximately 85% of homes across the United States. And in some […]

The History of Yankee Candle

History of Yankee Candle Here is a true American success story of a teenager who turned one candle into a billion dollar company. In the Christmas of 1969, 17-year-old Mike Kittredge was so low on funds that he could not buy his mother a Christmas gift. Instead he decided to melt down some old crayons […]

Swaddling Your Baby For Better Sleep

The addition of a new baby often means the arrival of sleepless nights as both parents and child attempt to settle into a night time routine. There are a number of suggested techniques to deal with this. One of these, ‘swaddling’, has been used throughout history to calm babies and many see it as a […]

3 Kinds of Businesses That Benefit from Professional Relocation Services

Moving almost always takes time and effort. However, when it comes to owning a business or corporation, relocation requires even more care. Sometimes it can be difficult to orchestrate an entire move on your own when you have a company to be responsible for. That’s why it’s a great idea to hire professional relocation services. […]

Fun Printing Projects For All The Family

A rainy summer day does not have to be boring when you have a printer and an internet connection! There are so many fun activities that can involve the whole family. All you need is some imagination and creativity to make cool and interesting projects from the printer. For example, you can create customized posters […]

Portable Snacking for the On-The-Go Family

For many families, snacks are frequently eaten in transit,  making parents feel forced to decide between quality and convenience.  Often it seems easier to drive thru at a fast food chain or grab the single serving chips and juice box from the pantry.  However, with minimal planning and preparation, snacks can be nutrient dense to […]

Six Common Misconceptions About Hospice

If you or a loved one is facing a life-limiting illness, the issue of palliative care may have arisen. Many people are scared of these words because there are a lot of misconceptions associated with them. Here are six commonly held myths about end of life treatment that are addressed and corrected.  1. Hospice is a […]

Internet Safety – Why It’s Important and What You Can Do

Since your baby is growing up and starting to use a computer, you’re worried about Internet safety. How will you keep your child safe while he’s online? The good news is there are ways to protect your child without taking away technology. Parental Controls: The great thing about today’s operating systems is that you can […]

Buying the Perfect Family Ice Cream Machine

Open up a whole new world of desserts with your own homemade ice cream!

4 Ways to Enjoy Evenings With Family

Enjoying time together as a family isn’t as hard as you might think.

How to Find Cheap Vacation Packages Suited for Your Family

Going on a vacation is one of the best ways for family members to enjoy a few days of fun and relaxation together.  This can be a great way to bond and enjoy each other’s company.  When one speaks of vacation, what usually comes to mind is a trip where you have to spend a […]

How to Plan Your Family’s Vacation

It has been a very busy year for everyone.  Your parents have been working hard to make ends meet.  You and your siblings have also been so hard at work in your school to achieve your academic and extra-curricular endeavors.  Looking back at the past year makes you feel just relived that you have gone […]