Going Green In Your Own Way

In recent years, there has been what could be called a movement to become more environmentally friendlyin order to reduce the carbon footprint that each of us make daily.  Although controversy and conspiracy theories arise about global warming and its effects on the earth, people are now suddenly wanting to “go green.”  What do you […]

Improve Your Environmental Agenda At Home

The environment is on most people’s agenda these days and it’s important that it remains there. Environmental concerns affect everyone and the good work that people do on an individual basis actually goes some way to improving the situation on a global scale. It may seem ideological to suggest that people can make a huge […]

Is A Septic Tank Suitable For My Property?

A septic tank is a small-scale sewage system that allows you to carefully and responsibly treat a small amount of waste. These tanks are most commonly found in areas that have little or no connections to the local authority’s main sewage pipelines. Rural areas are the ideal location for installing septic tanks, in fact, as […]

Environmentally Safe Mold Removal

One of the most common environmental threats found in homes and offices is mold. Mold requires just a bit of moisture to grow, and is especially common following heavy rains or storms. Once water or moist air gets into your building, it’s easy for mold to take root, especially if the affected area has poor […]

Keeping Chickens: An Environmentally Friendly Option

this post answers the following questions 1. How can chickens help by reducing carbon footprint? 2. What are the benefits we can get from keeping chicken in our household? 3. What are the foods that chickens eat? 4. How can chickens help in producing fertilizer? 5. Why should we stay organic while taking care of […]

Helping The Environment During The Holiday Season

Keeping the environment safe should always be something people are mindful of but when Christmas comes around there are a greater amount of obvious ways in which you can do your bit. It seems that many people are finally catching on to the importance of recycling now but there are a lot of other things […]

How Can Clothing be Organic?

Organic has been one of the major trends in food over the past decade, with fans of organic fruit and vegetables claiming that the produce is healthier and far less damaging to the environment than food produced in the traditional method, using fertilisers and pesticides. The growing market for organic food has sparked an interest […]

How to Ensure Your New Build is a Green One

Energy efficiency has been a buzz word for a few years now, and can mean anything from the amount of electricity we use, to which lighting we choose for our homes. Image by Alex Parks photos As consumers, we can make smart choices with regards to which household appliances we have – most refrigerators and […]

5 Ski Slopes That Are Going Green

The Ski Club of Great Britain lists ski resorts around the world and is a good source to check out their ‘green factor’. Over the past two decades, increasing awareness of the problems of climate change and concern about the environment have encouraged many resorts to be proactive in going green. 1 Whistler, Canada Whistler […]