5 Ways To Cut Back On Summer Utility Bills

From sports activities to gatherings with family and friends, the summer season offers multiple opportunities for outdoor fun. When outdoor temperatures skyrocket, however, there a few things more refreshing than retreating to an air-conditioned indoor environment. Unfortunately, increasing the use of your air conditioner drives up your energy bills too. When sweltering summer temperatures send […]

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Home Improvement Tips To Save You Money & Energy

When it’s cold outside and the energy bills arrive, many will be surprised at how much prices have increased. However, there are ways to reduce those bills. What Can You Do Now? Firstly, make sure that the price you pay for gas and electricity is the best one available. It is easy to compare energy […]

What Makes A Window Energy Efficient?

Energy efficiency is all the rage these days. Everything from curling irons to windows has an Energy Star rating for energy efficiency. However, it can be tough to the average person to know exactly what that means and how it affects them. Understanding what makes windows energy efficient is the first step to making a […]

A Simple Guide To Purchasing The Best Energy Saving Product

Your business budget is important and so is your budget at home. Did you know that your appliances and things you use every single day can make a huge impact on the amount of electricity you’re using? The amount of energy you use every day from these products can be drastically lowered if you buy […]

Top Ways To Save Money And Energy

Looking to keep your energy bills down?  Well, look no further than here as I will be putting a few ideas down which will help you save money on your monthly bills, which let’s be honest is no bad thing, both for your pocket and the environment. Since getting my place with a friend I […]

How Light Bulbs Can Lower Your Electric Bill

For families looking to cut their expenses and increase their savings, one of the first places to start is electricity usage, particularly lighting, which accounts for an average of 15% of a household’s electric usage. In addition, 90% of the energy emitted from traditional incandescent light bulbs is heat, not light. By simply switching out […]

Keeping Energy Bills Down In The Cold Weather

Winter can be a particularly testing time for homeowners as the temperature will drop and the heating bill will likely rise. It makes sense to keep as warm as possible during the bitter cold months but it can eat away at the budget and energy bills are going up enough as it is. For those […]

How Much Damage Are We Actually Doing to Our Planet?

This post answers the following questions 1) What are the damages we are doing to our planet? 2) How many hectares of land lost to soil erosion this year so far? 3) What are the potential consequences of this damage? 4) What is a significant step forwards in reducing our dependency on fossil? 5) How […]

5 Ski Slopes That Are Going Green

The Ski Club of Great Britain lists ski resorts around the world and is a good source to check out their ‘green factor’. Over the past two decades, increasing awareness of the problems of climate change and concern about the environment have encouraged many resorts to be proactive in going green. 1 Whistler, Canada Whistler […]

Five Essential Features of a True Green Roof System

A true green roof is more than a garden in the clouds; it is a surface that is sustainable against the elements, reducing the amount of waste and energy created by high installation, products and maintenance costs.