Choosing The Perfect Groceries For Long Term Storage

Whether you want to stock up on nonperishable foods for a remote cabin, whether you want an emergency shelter ready to go, or whether you think you may not get a chance to do much shopping for a while, long-term food storage can be done by doing more than just grabbing a few aluminum cans […]

How to Replace Your Emergency Brake

Many people have never had to actually utilize their emergency brake (also referred to as an e-brake, parking brake, or hand brake), but that does not make it any less an integral part of your vehicle. The fact of the matter is that the e-brake is there so that if your hydraulic brakes fail or […]

Understanding Automatic Defibrillators and Their Parts

Would you know what to do if you saw somebody going into sudden cardiac arrest (SCA)? Chances are, you would call 911 and begin CPR, which are the first two steps in saving a person’s life. But what would you do if the victim was not responding to CPR and medical attention had not arrived? […]