Car Ferry Horror Stories

If you’re afraid of enclosed spaces, then you might want to avoid taking the Channel Tunnel. However, if you want to travel with your car, then your options are limited to the tunnel and car ferries. But car ferries are some of the dangerous maritime vehicles. Because of their weight and high centre of gravity, […]

What Happens when You Lie to Your Insurance Company

Insurance can get expensive, and some people might find it tempting to lie in order to get reduced payments or even to get money for something that they weren’t actually insured for. You might conceal drink driving incidents or speeding tickets in order to get lower car insurance payments, for example. Or you might say […]

Performance On The Track Have Made These NASCAR Drivers Favorites Among Fans

It takes more than winning a few races to become a favorite in the eyes of die-hard NASCAR fans. It takes a driver with the perfect combination of success, attitude and charisma to garner super star status. While every NASCAR driver has their share of supporters, here are a few drivers that fans have flocked […]

The Top 5 Campervan Routes For A Quintessential Cornish Holiday

Cornwall boasts a variety of breathtaking attractions, from ancient ruins and cascading bluffs to famous surf spots and some of the best driving roads in Britain. If you’re looking for photo-ops with over 100 places to camp along the way, pack up your campervan and check out this guide to the top five routes for […]

Improve Your Dangerous Driving

Being able to drive on public roads is such a pleasure, so you should never take this opportunity for granted. If you have worked hard and paid a lot of money to get your driving license then you should never risk losing it. It is very easy to lose your license due to dangerous driving, […]

Why Speed Limiters May Not Be Making Our Roads Safer

Every year thousands of people die in traffic accidents and many of those deaths are considered preventable. With this in mind governments are looking for new ways to make highways and roads safer and reduce the amount of fatalities. One tool that is being used more and more in the trucking industry is the speed […]

Save Fuel Costs By Making Sure You Take Care Of Your Car Tires

Considering the cost of insurance, fuel, and payments on a vehicle, driving can certainly be an expensive undertaking. Nobody likes to throw their hard-earned money out of the window. That is why drivers need to be more aware of how their tires can affect fuel costs over time. The next time you experience pain at […]

Importance Of Good Eyesight When Driving – Legal Requirements

Most drivers can recall in vivid detail the day they passed their driving test as a fond and light hearted anecdote we carry with us of one the most nerve wracking moments in our lives, but just how important is the eyesight test done before you even set foot in the car? Car License Sight […]

Essential Driving Lesson Tips

I just had a pupil who failed his test he had several driving errors, actually all of them were serious ones. But the thing is those 2 serious errors were what I would call stupid mistakes and all because of what I think was him being in a hurry to actually get the test done […]