How To Host A Classy ‘Come Dine With Me’ Night In Your Student Halls

Image by ‘’ Don’t lie, students – before you came to uni, whenever you had a day off school, you watched Come Dine With Me repeats in the afternoon. And those of you at uni now still probably watch it if you have access to a TV or 4oD. We love it! And I’m sure […]

A Beginner’s Guide To BBQs

Now that summer has arrived (and if the weather offers a suitable opportunity), there is nothing more tempting than to plan a barbecue. For complete beginners, this involves a certain amount of nervousness, as knowing to light a barbecue, and how long meat needs to be cooked for, take a bit of practice. Fortunately, these […]

10 Tips For The Perfect BBQ

You’ve been lucky with the weather – the sun is set to shine, the wind has died down – and your guests are on their way. There is always just one more thing you can do to ensure that your barbecue party goes to plan, and deliver perfectly cooked food to happy guests – here […]

How to Host a Dinner Party

There’s nothing like having a fun evening with friends or family over with a dinner party. Traditionally, dinner parties is a way to help get connections and establish stronger ties in society, but at present, dinner parties are made just to keep in touch and share pleasant times with people you know and love. And […]