Animated Easter Bunnies You Say??

Easter’s not too far away, meaning that it’s worth thinking about what some of the best eCards are out there for the season. What are some of the main categories for these cards, from animated bunnies through to more traditional designs? What are the best cards to send to different people, and what other eCards […]

How To Customize Inexpensive Home Décor Finds

Nowadays, it is all about “the deal” when it comes to shopping. From extreme couponing to vowing never to pay full price for an item, people are finding ways to cut corners and keep their money in their wallet. This is especially easy to do when buying various décor items for your home, as you […]

A Few Considerations for Fall Decor

The leaves turn, the temperatures fall, and the spices begin wafting their way into homes. With the changing of the season to fall, everything changes yet again. As it does, why not spice up your home to welcome the cool and cozy comforts of the season? Embracing the season in traditional style involves crafting seasonal […]