Top 5 Reasons To Use Cantilever Racking For Your Storage Needs

1. It is extremely versatile Cantilever racking really comes into its own if you are someone who needs to store extremely heavy, long or awkward products. This is because, not only is the racking extremely sturdy and secure but it also allows you easy access to your products whenever you need to get to them. […]

The Best Way To Purchase Used Construction Equipment

When purchasing used construction equipment, there are many things to consider in order ensuring that a customer’s gets the highest quality used construction equipment for the best price. Buying used construction equipment can get a customer an excellent deal, and many customers have reported saving a lot of money by buying their construction equipment used. […]

Top Storage Solutions For Storing Chemicals

Chemicals can be really dangerous and result in some serious problems towards the environment, as well as the people that come in contact with them. In order to avoid such a negative impact, we should be extra careful and do everything within our powers so that we can comply with all the existing rules regarding […]

Creating The Perfect Sports Facility

With the Olympics still fresh in everyone’s mind, the country remains on a sporting high with people wanting to replicate their own memories from a fantastic summer. New sporting facilities are being created all over the country to cope with the extra demand and schools and sports clubs alike are looking to expand their current […]

Why are so Many Global Construction Projects Standing Unfinished?

The global landscape features scars wherever you look. Some of these are the result of extreme weather events or natural disasters. Others are due to war. The ones that we see every day, however, something else entirely is the cause of them. Incomplete construction projects are nothing short of an eyesore. There they sit, dominating […]

It’s All in the Colour! The Painting of the Golden Gate

This post answers the following questions 1) When was The landmark Golden Gate Bridge opened? 2) Where does the name of the bridge came from? 3) When was a programme to re-paint the bridge initiated? 4) Who made the unusual color of the bridge? 5) What is the colour used on the bridge? Construction The […]

How to Ensure Your New Build is a Green One

Energy efficiency has been a buzz word for a few years now, and can mean anything from the amount of electricity we use, to which lighting we choose for our homes. Image by Alex Parks photos As consumers, we can make smart choices with regards to which household appliances we have – most refrigerators and […]

Helpful Tips For House Fire Recovery

Returning home after a fire can be a traumatic experience. The home where you once felt so safe might still smell of smoke, and depending on the severity of the flames, the damage might be intense. After the premises have been checked for safety and after you are allowed to return, the next step is […]

Mining Resources: The Main Types of Mining

People have been involved in the extraction of different types of metals from the earth since time immemorial. At first, they focused of the metals and later minerals near or on the surface of the earth. However, with better mining technology, they began extracting metals, ores and minerals deep underground. Types of Mining • Surface […]