Top Storage Solutions For Storing Chemicals

Chemicals can be really dangerous and result in some serious problems towards the environment, as well as the people that come in contact with them. In order to avoid such a negative impact, we should be extra careful and do everything within our powers so that we can comply with all the existing rules regarding […]

Rain Stops Play – and It’s Not Helping the Construction Industry Much

The Office for National Statistics has just released its figures for construction output for the 2nd quarter of 2012 showing a fall of 3.9 per cent.  The original estimate was in fact higher at 5.2 per cent, but final figures comparing the first and second quarters still show a significant drop in output.  A number […]

Six Tips to On-Site Safety

Working in the construction industry teaches you many things, one of which is the importance of health and safety on site.  Over my years in building I have witnessed many accidents and even broke a couple of bones myself. Accidents are waiting to happen everywhere you turn which is why such a lot of emphasis […]

Construction Safety Training – Provider Checklist

For those working in the construction industry – whether as company owners or managers and employees, safety is a key issue.  The industry is well known for being one of the more dangerous in which to work.  The safety record in construction has improved radically over the years and this has been helped by a […]