Why don’t most Christians claim their Super power? (A Book Review)

Are you stuck in a relationship with someone who is abusive, doesn’t appreciate you, or seems to have given up on himself or herself? Are you struggling in a job that feels more like a daily grind than a career? Do you feel that no matter how hard you try, nothing seems to change in […]

3 Critical Preparations To Consider Before Your Mission Trip

There is almost nothing more exciting for a young person than to have decided to go on your first international mission trip.  The exotic location, completely new culture, shift in perspective, it is all fantastical and awesome and something you will never forget in all your life. You know it is crucial to nail down […]

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Should Christians be involved with Politics?

In this political season, when left battles right and vice versa, a question that is frequently asked is, “Should Christians be involved in politics?” No Some say Christians should stay out of politics because our calling as Christians is not to save the world but to save souls and preach the Gospel. In this passive approach, […]