Why Shouldn’t I Switch To PAYG With My IPhone?

More and more people nowadays are switching to PAYG plans. Avoiding hefty monthly mobile service provider bills and fees is one way that you can save a few pounds. And in general, if you can afford to buy your phone out right, then PAYG plans do work out far cheaper than contract plans. However, they’re […]

Opting For A Cheap Mobile Phone

In the past a mobile phone was purely for talking to people on the move. Many of us remember car phones that were heavy, brick objects that would weigh you down and couldn’t possibly truly be called mobile. Nowadays, phones come with a staggering array of features and amazing processing power. Not too long ago, […]

Nokia Or Apple? The Nokia Lumia 800 Vs. The IPhone 4S

If you’re in the market for a new cell phone, you certainly have a lot of choice. With so many great devices on the market nowadays, the decision can be a little overwhelming. And with mobile service providers giving great deals, even financial concerns aren’t so much of a concern as an after-thought. Of course, […]

Safety Tips For Children’s Smartphones

It can be quite hard trying to decide when a child should get their first smartphone without working out how to keep them safe.  It is now common for children under the age of 10 to have a smartphone, even if they do not actually need one, and now that the phone is able to […]

Contract or Pay as You Go – Which Is Right for You?

Choosing your next handset may be the most obvious part of deciding the future of your mobile phone use, but have you decided whether to opt for a contract of a pay as you go? You should think long and hard about which is right for you, as making the wrong choice can work out […]

Do You Really Need an iPhone?

The king of the smartphone world, the iPhone, is not the only competitor out there. A few years ago, many people didn’t know there were any alternatives, but improved marketing and support for iPhone alternatives has made them viable for those who aren’t Apple fans and even those who are. If you’re considering buying a […]

Which LG Is The Best? The LG Nexus 4 Vs. The LG Optimus G

Purchasing a new mobile phone sometimes comes down to guess work. Knowing which model is better than another is confusing and so much technical information can be overwhelming at times. Comparing different brands is complicated enough, but when it comes down to comparing different models from the same brand it can get even more confusing. […]

The IPhone Buyer’s Guide

If you are looking for a new smartphone then there are many things that you need to consider, particularly for a top of the range handset such as the iPhone.  The good news is that the iPhone is a good handset.  The bad news is that there are a few different variations on it which […]

Buying Guide For A Child’s First Phone

Buying a child a mobile phone for the first time is something of a minefield.  The first thing to do is to make sure that the child is the right age.  I know of a child who was given their first mobile phone at the age of 5.  This seems a little extreme when you […]

HOT – Death Of The Symbian Operating System

Symbian is the operating system which was developed by Nokia for its first smartphones.  Unfortunately it really met its match in the smartphone market when it came up against the Android operating system and Apple’s own system.  Most Nokia smartphones are developed now to use Windows Phone operating systems although there are still a couple […]

HOT – HTC Mini – Free Phone With The HTC Butterfly Smartphone

The five-inch HTC Butterfly is a huge smart phone, cumbersome to handle and difficult to operate. To help make things better, the company decided to give you a mini phone – an HTC Mini (tall, slim, slender, and almost weightless) to keep with you and use instead of the Butterfly. This HTC Mini when connected […]

Best Apps For Travel

Anyone who spends a lot of time on the road will know that owning a smartphone can save a great deal of time and money and one of the reasons for this is the number of apps that are available on them.  There are apps to help with every aspect of travel and as most […]

HOT – Launch Of Nokia Lumia 620

There has already been a great deal of information made available on the Nokia Lumia 620 and now the handset is finally available to consumers.  As a smartphone it has almost everything that the user could want, from the latest version of Windows Phone to a price tag that is more in keeping with today’s […]

How Writers and Other Creatives Can Use Their Mobile Phones to Improve Their Work and Their Productivity

Are you a writer or a creative type itching to produce masterpieces? Your mobile phone can be a huge distraction, letting you play Words with Friends when you should be working on the Great American Novel or the next design project for a client. But it can also be a powerful tool for harnessing your […]

Making Money from Your Unwanted Mobile Phone

If you have a new iPhone and have one or more smartphones languishing unused around the house, you could be able to make some extra cash from the devices. You can sell the devices to make extra cash. Even if your smartphone is outdated or damaged, you may be able to make some money from […]

Top Five Phone for Gamers

No longer are mobile phones used for simply making calls or sending text messages to our friends, there are a wide range of other uses too. Mobile phones are being increasingly used for net surfing and web streaming. Gamers are using mobile phones in a big way. Android and iOS smartphones have definitely altered the […]

Keeping Your Kids Safe When Buying Them a Smart Phone

It seems like kids are asking for their own smart phones at earlier and earlier ages, and many parents are unsure what to do. These days, even many kindergarten students are already begging mom and dad for a cell phone of their own, and these phones can be good tools for staying in touch and […]

Low Budget SmartPhones And Their Advantages

With the smartphone sector gradually becoming popular every passing day, manufacturers of these high-end devices leave no stone unturned in offering almost everything. High-end smartphones, and mostly those which are popularly advertised nowadays, bring to the customers the latest offerings in technology. Large screens, powerful processors and an extensive storage capability is becoming the buzz. […]