Celebrity Horse Enthusiasts

If you like nothing better than spending your free time mucking out your horse or going for a long trek through the countryside then you are in good company. Many celebrities find that one of the best ways to relax and get away from the stresses of celebrity life is to get in the saddle […]

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The World’s Most Extravagant Celebrity Homes

Celebrities use their earnings to transform their homes into the things dreams are made of. Here are some of the most extravagant examples of celebrities dream palaces, from the impressive to the somewhat unusual: Alicia Keys A house is bound to be outlandish if one celebrity is buying off another. One example was musician Alicia […]

Which Celebrity Chef Are You Most Like In The Kitchen?

Image by ssoosay The TV chef, in recent years, has become a phenomenon. These days the TV schedules are chock-a-block with cooking programmes, each finding a different angle to illustrate the diversity of food, ingredients and the range of palatable dishes available to the inclined and the imaginative. However, with so many talented culinary hotshots […]

The World’s Best Beach Parties

There are few things better than feeling sand between your toes as you groove to the best and biggest beats at a beach party. With the waves lapping at the shore, a drink in hand, and surrounded by hundreds or even thousands of other equally up-for-it revellers, a good time is virtually guaranteed. Below are […]