Things To Consider When Buying A Used Car In New Jersey Before You Even Go To The Lot

There’s no question that people in NJ do a lot of driving. That’s part of the reason why New Jersey residents have some of the highest insurance rates in the country. Many commute to Philadelphia, New York or within major metropolitan areas within the state including Newark, Patterson, Camden or Atlantic City. Because of all […]

What To Expect When Crossing The Border To Mexico

What to Expect when Crossing the Border to Mexico Just because you know what you need to bring with you to get into Mexico doesn’t mean you’re prepared to cross the border. If you’ve never crossed the U.S.-Mexico border, you’re in for a few surprises. This border is a lot different than the border between […]

Why Oil’s Future Tech Benefits Us All

Technology is driven by efficiency: We want to achieve our goals faster, with less cost. Some of the greatest advances in science have come from various industries’ efficient solutions to their own goals. The future of oil tech, considering its size and fortune, could, therefore, benefit us in surprising ways. We can’t perfectly predict the […]

What is Usage-Based Car Insurance and How Will it Affect Me?

Have you heard of Usage-Based Car Insurance? It may not sound familiar to you, but if you’ve seen Progressive’s commercials for their “Snapshot” insurance, or State Farm’s Drive Safe & Save program, then Usage-Based Insurance has already been pitched to you. You may have also heard it referred to as “Pay As You Drive” or […]

Indispensable for Auto Emergencies & Collisions Vehicle First-Aid Kits

Its a fact of life that while driving or tooling around one way or another an emergency or mishap will occur in or nearby your automobile .  While car racetracks, auto dealerships, big box automotive stores and even airplanes and retail establishments all maintain a stocked first aid kit virtually no truck or car owners […]

Why has Car Insurance Gone through the Roof?

The answer to this questions will almost certainly be ‘yes’, new figures now show that in the last year car insurance has risen sharply across Britain by 12.3%. This now makes the average cost of car insurance a whopping £843 and is seriously having an effect on the motor industry. Car insurance has gone up […]

Black Box Car Insurance Explained

With expensive car-insurance premiums hitting motorist’s hard, particularly younger drivers, a new form of policy is growing in popularity. The idea behind black box car insurance is to reward careful driving with a cheaper insurance premium. This unique kind of policy requires a black box recorder to be placed inside the car’s dashboard. The device […]

Top Safety Features Every Car Should Have

Modern vehicles have many safety features that assist drivers to prevent collisions and even increase the chance of surviving an accident. Technology has allowed drivers to have smoother rides based on the safety features installed in their cars. Check out the top safety features, other than airbags and seatbelts, which every car should have. Photo […]

Vehicle Vandalism

Purchasing a car can be a conundrum; what brand and model should you get? What style, colour, engine and roof type would make you look best when driving around, and what will be the most efficient for fuel consumption when you are commuting to save you the most money? The possibilities are endless, but have […]