How To Do Budget Home Improvements

Making improvements to your home is something most of us set our minds to do at some stage or other.  But, it can work out quite costly if you have a list of things you want doing throughout the house.  Yet it needn’t be that way.  You can still make home improvements on a budget […]

Domestic Gas Meter, what are your options?

Did you know you had a choice of what type of gas meter to have in your home? Possibly not, and many people don’t. Credit meters are those that get read on a regular basis and for which you receive a quarterly bill, and a prepaid meter are those that have a top up card […]

Who Needs a Cold Shower Though?

This post answers the following questions 1) How can you save electricity when heating up the water? 2) What are the good effects of solar power? 3) What efficient ways should we use in heating and using our hot water? 4) What are the ways to save gas and water? 5) Why does a modern […]

I’m NOT an Npower Agent- Really!

We have all experienced hikes in our energy bills over recent years. It’s expected to get even worse this winter after both British Gas and npower recently announced price increases. British Gas users will pay about 6% more, while npower customers will pay 8.8% more for their gas and 9.1% more for their electricity. But […]

Reduce Your Gas Bill – Change Your Supplier

Gas prices are being hiked left and right making it hard for people to pay their bills each month. Imagine if everything else was hiked, food prices, water or electricity. Life would be simply unbearable. So with the economy working against you, how about you look for some tricks to help you make it. First, […]

Beans on Toast for Dinner Again?

Everyone knows that being a student is tough and getting harder, with not only the cost of tuition tripling, but also the cost of living continuing to creep up. What does that mean? Well, you’d better start saving, or else you’ll be eating beans and toast for dinner again. In a recent survey about the […]

5 Simple Tips to Help You Cut Costs and Pay Off Debt

The following tips are meant to get you on your way out of debt and onto a new and more financially secure future.

5 Money Saving Tips for the Kitchen

A look at how you can save money in the kitchen.

How to Budget Your Savings while Looking for a Job

It seems like everything nowadays is increasing in price because of the economic problems that the country and the world is facing.  Even worse than the rising prices is the fact that so many companies have been forced to restructure, make major layoffs, and even close down, causing unemployment rates to rise to new levels.  […]