See Italy On A Budget

Trying to embrace la dolce vita on a budget can be a challenge in a country like Italy.  Both the British pound and the U.S. dollar are still relatively expensive against the euro, and Italy’s steep accommodation rates and reluctance to offer recessionary discounts and special offers just compound the problem, but a little forward […]

Take the Time to Discover Your Local Area

When I hear people talking about their expensive vacations, I am often impressed. It must be amazing to spend time on a luxury cruise, or visiting a remote location. But I often note that the same people often know remarkably little about their local area. What do I conclude when I find that this is […]

5 Vacations You Can Still Afford to Take

Been dreaming of taking a luxury vacation where you’re waited on hand and foot? Are your funds for such a trip less than desirable? Don’t fret; you can still afford to take a vacation! Okay so maybe you won’t necessarily be waited on hand and foot (unless your significant other is up for such a […]