Celergen: The New Fountain Of Youth?

When looking for the perfect anti-aging antidote, people use a myriad of products in hopes to reduce wrinkles, promote skin elasticity and feel confident in the skin they’re in. Signs of aging can be seen as early as 30 or so, spotting the first strand of white hair or crow’s feet. Nobody wants to look […]

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Are You Considering Semi-Permanent Make-Up?

Before considering semi-permanent make-up, it is important that the patient understands what is involved with the procedure and if it is the correct option for them. What Is Involved Semi-permanent make-up, otherwise known as cosmetic tattooing, is a treatment involving small amounts of natural and synthetic colour pigments being implanted just underneath the skin’s surface, […]

Know How To Detect Possibly Harmful Ingredients In Cosmetics And Skincare

When shopping for the best products for your daily skincare and cosmetic regimen, it pays to read labels and become more informed about the potentially harmful ingredients that may be part of those products. Even having a little knowledge about the artificial and chemical substances to be avoided is a very good thing because you […]

Cosmetic Dentistry- What Are The Options?

Most of us have little niggles about our teeth. Whether they are a little discoloured or slightly wonky, these things can affect our self confidence and our self esteem. To most people these small things are probably not even noticeable, but many of us our self critical and feel the problem is bigger than it […]

Things to Know to Stay Healthy and Younger Looking While Getting Older

People will age, this is a universal truth, and no matter what we do and whether we like it or not, time will come that we will look our age. But this fact should not be a reason for us not to do something to make us feel and look good, younger, and better. Today, […]