Bathroom Taps – Square, Round, Sensor And More

Choosing your bathroom taps is not always the easiest decision. The taps can provide the finish to a bathroom, or can wreck a theme. There are so many styles, finishes, and even special enhancements, that it is hard to know what to go for. Equally there are hundreds of online and offline retailers to choose […]

Different Shower Tray Styles

If you’re currently in the process of building or remodelling a bathroom, then you’ve probably already thought about your shower installation. It’s rare nowadays for a bathroom not to have a separate shower, given then convenience and lack of mess that comes from having an enclosed shower rather than a bath shower. After you’ve decided […]

Bring Personality to Your Bathroom

Bathrooms these days have changed dramatically over the years, gone are all the traditional yet comfortable styles. These days bathrooms are full of smart looking features, your bathroom no longer just has to serve a purpose, it can look like a piece of art and be as beautiful as each of the rest of the […]

Is Your Bathroom Stopping Your House from Selling?

Bathrooms in homes can make or break a sale. It’s often one of the must do jobs if you are putting your house on the market.  An older bathroom will cause alarm bells in the minds of potential buyers at worst and at best it will make them put in a much lower offer when […]

Caring For Your Shower Screen

Whether you have a shower screen on your bath, a stand alone enclosure or a modern and fashionable wet room with sleek panels, you will still need to keep it clean. Shower screens are nearly always made from glass, usually transparent or slightly opaque, and are therefore very hard to keep clean. Any smearing, streaking […]