Tips For Picking The Best Bathroom Vanity For A Remodel

As we are still in the beginning of 2013, many homeowners and prospective home buyers are thinking the same thing: where will the housing market go in 2013? Although it’s still too early to tell, house prices have gone up, indicating that more people are in the market to buy. Are you one of those […]

Retro-Inspired Bathroom Renovation Tips

Image: Maryfrancesmain There’s a lot of hype surrounding ‘modern design’ these days, but not everyone wants a home that looks like it fell off the set of Star Trek! In fact, taking a trip back through time and stepping into a room that seems to come straight out of the fabulous forties or fifties can […]

How to Make the Best Possible use of Space in a Small Bathroom

A cloakroom suite is a toilet and a basin set that can be installed in the smallest of rooms to add functionality and value to your home. To make the most of your space, you need to choose the pieces of your cloakroom suite carefully. Careful planning and design will make the room feel more […]

The 7 Day Bathroom Challenge

Everyone loves poring over interior design magazines and Pinterest, checking out the beautiful bathroom designs that all seem so out of reach for anyone who’s not a millionaire. Whilst luxury bathrooms don’t come cheap, with a few minor changes you can give your plain and ordinary bathroom a touch of that high-class look at a […]