Top Tips On Giving Your Bathroom That Classic Vintage Look

Vintage look bathrooms are all the rage at the moment, so, if you’re thinking of revamping yours anytime soon, this particular style might have a lot of appeal. Here I look at how everything from freestanding baths to the towel rail you pick can help create a classic vintage look to really catch the eye. […]

Jazz Up A Tired Bathroom With Clever Styling Tips

Don’t splash out on a brand new bathroom when you can easily add interest and value to your existing room in just a few hours. The bathroom is an important room for cleaning, energising, winding down and relaxing, so take a little time to revive yours with a few easy styling tricks for a brand […]

Bathroom Taps – Square, Round, Sensor And More

Choosing your bathroom taps is not always the easiest decision. The taps can provide the finish to a bathroom, or can wreck a theme. There are so many styles, finishes, and even special enhancements, that it is hard to know what to go for. Equally there are hundreds of online and offline retailers to choose […]

Have An Outdated Bathroom? How To Upgrade It With $500!

The bathroom is one of the most used rooms in the house and can set the tone for your entire home. If your outdated bathroom is giving you the blues and you want to upgrade but money’s tight, this article is for you. With just a few quick and budget friendly tips, you can have […]

Looking For A Bath To Set Your Bathroom Apart? Try One Of These

With so many great looking bathtubs available, it can be hard to pick one that is truly unique these days. Here then, I look at some of the most unusual tub designs out there, guaranteed to catch the eye. A Real Shoe Women, if the stereotypes are to be believed, love shoes. So what better […]

Bathroom Heaven – 5 Great Additions To Any Bathroom

For some people, a bathroom is the flagship room of the house. Although it might seem a strange thing to say, the chances are that you can recall the moment when you visited a friend’s stunning new bathroom and thought: ‘ I wish mine looked like this!’. Bathrooms often receive the least decoration, love and […]

Tips For Picking The Best Bathroom Vanity For A Remodel

As we are still in the beginning of 2013, many homeowners and prospective home buyers are thinking the same thing: where will the housing market go in 2013? Although it’s still too early to tell, house prices have gone up, indicating that more people are in the market to buy. Are you one of those […]

How To Make Your Bathroom Furniture Functional

Seeing the words ‘bathroom’ and ‘furniture’ side by side might have some people shouting, “what is wrong with you woman, why would I want a sofa in my bathroom you fool!” but actually, the concept of bathroom furniture is nothing new, so hold fire on the name-calling for just a moment. This fool has to […]

Cheap Ways To Dramatically Improve Your Bathroom

A well-fitted and stylish bathroom can make a house a home and even increase it’s value tremendously. Making noticeable changes doesn’t even have to break the bank and can be achieved for those of you on a budget. Take a look at some of my top tips for inexpensive bathroom improvements. A Good Old Scrub […]

How I Made Myself at Home in My Bathroom

Isn’t it horrible when you move into a new house and don’t feel comfortable at first? I got this sensation when I started life in my new flat and felt as though I was living in some else’s home. I didn’t feel any sort of ghostly spirits brushing past me on the stairs and no […]

How to Make the Best Possible use of Space in a Small Bathroom

A cloakroom suite is a toilet and a basin set that can be installed in the smallest of rooms to add functionality and value to your home. To make the most of your space, you need to choose the pieces of your cloakroom suite carefully. Careful planning and design will make the room feel more […]

Bringing The Outdoors Into Your Bathroom

Introducing a sense of the outdoors into your bathroom environment will ensure a naturally calming atmosphere and the ultimate relaxing experience. Bringing the outdoors in can be achieved with just a few simple steps and affordable purchases. The most obvious way to introduce this style is to bring in potted plants and flowers as well […]

The 7 Day Bathroom Challenge

Everyone loves poring over interior design magazines and Pinterest, checking out the beautiful bathroom designs that all seem so out of reach for anyone who’s not a millionaire. Whilst luxury bathrooms don’t come cheap, with a few minor changes you can give your plain and ordinary bathroom a touch of that high-class look at a […]