What Factors To Consider When Searching For A Formal Car Hire?

There are social events taking place almost every year for the most of us. Many of us have hosted or been a part of a major social event at least once in our lives. One of the major aspects of any social event is a means of transportation. Formal events like weddings, going away parties […]

How To Evaluate Rebuilt Engines For Your Muscle Car

Muscle cars are high-performance, groovy machines that are coveted by their owners. Once upon a time muscle cars had that rock-n-roll, sexy feel to them. However, the muscle cars of today do not sport the same “Groovy 60s and 70s” look and feel, and many car owners with older cars buy rebuilt engines because they […]

A Rise In Vehicle Sales In Texas A Sign Of A Recovering Economy?

As 2013 rolls on, many wonder if Texas will see continual economic growth as the months move ahead after a positive looking 2012. One of the biggest determining economic factors at the moment is automotive sales. After all, when auto sales seem to rise, it shows a sign that households have more money to spend […]

Looking for a compact MPV? Here Are Five Of The Best

For a family looking for extra room to ship themselves to and from school, the grandparents or just for a family holiday, MPVs provide a number of benefits. An MPV or Multipurpose vehicle, offers the average family a lot of space and also plenty of versatility. This blog looks at five of the best compact […]

Tips For Getting The Best Price On Your New Car

If you are in the market for a new car but you want to make sure that you get the best price, then keep reading. Getting the best price on a new car is not as difficult especially when you know what you are doing and what to expect from a dealer. Most dealers will […]

How To Sell Your Car – Tips On Doing It Right And Getting The Best Price

The used car market is bigger than ever. With people shunning the part exchange deals offered by dealerships in order to get a better price elsewhere just how do you ensure you have a stress free sale? This blog offers tips and advice to car sellers. When selling your car is it vital that you […]

Why Speed Limiters May Not Be Making Our Roads Safer

Every year thousands of people die in traffic accidents and many of those deaths are considered preventable. With this in mind governments are looking for new ways to make highways and roads safer and reduce the amount of fatalities. One tool that is being used more and more in the trucking industry is the speed […]

Auto Repair Shops: What to Look for

There’s a reason getting a car is one of the most expensive investments ever; there are few vehicles that can go from the factory to the junkyard without requiring one major repair. When the time comes, you might wonder what shop can give you the best auto repairs for the problem you have and the […]

Top Safety Features Every Car Should Have

Modern vehicles have many safety features that assist drivers to prevent collisions and even increase the chance of surviving an accident. Technology has allowed drivers to have smoother rides based on the safety features installed in their cars. Check out the top safety features, other than airbags and seatbelts, which every car should have. Photo […]

Will My Insurance Rate Go Down if I Buy a Hybrid Car?

If you are thinking of dumping your gas guzzler and picking up a hybrid, you could end up saving a pretty penny on auto insurance. Some top insurance companies are offering five to ten percent discounts on premiums for hybrid owners. However, this may not apply in every case, as hybrids are also typically more […]

Tips For Buying A Car

Buying a car is an exciting process. No matter what your budget may entail, it is possible to find a vehicle that works with your preferences. However, it is not a terrific idea to go into the process with little knowledge. What tips should you keep in mind while you search? The information below may […]

Vehicle Vandalism

Purchasing a car can be a conundrum; what brand and model should you get? What style, colour, engine and roof type would make you look best when driving around, and what will be the most efficient for fuel consumption when you are commuting to save you the most money? The possibilities are endless, but have […]

Top Cleaning Tips For Your Boat

Taking care of a boat is much like taking care of a car – a little routine care and maintenance can go a long ways towards keeping it looking new. Failing to care for your boat with a regular cleaning can lead to both exterior, and interior, wear and tear