Will The Oxford Train Crash Lead To Safety Fears Of Level Crossings?

The recent death of a man in Yarnton, Oxfordshire, at a level crossing has continued fears that the crossings are dangerous for drivers. The accident occurred just after the New Year, and involved a car at a level crossing being hit by a freight train bound to Southampton. It’s worth looking at the current state […]

Five Of The Top 4×4’s On The Market

With snow, wind and rain on the UK weather menu once again, more and more people are thinking big when it comes to cars. They want a vehicle which not only looks great and gets them from A to B, but also one that keeps them safe and is sturdy enough to fight the harsh […]

Looking for a compact MPV? Here Are Five Of The Best

For a family looking for extra room to ship themselves to and from school, the grandparents or just for a family holiday, MPVs provide a number of benefits. An MPV or Multipurpose vehicle, offers the average family a lot of space and also plenty of versatility. This blog looks at five of the best compact […]

Tips For Getting The Best Price On Your New Car

If you are in the market for a new car but you want to make sure that you get the best price, then keep reading. Getting the best price on a new car is not as difficult especially when you know what you are doing and what to expect from a dealer. Most dealers will […]

Auto Repair Shops: What to Look for

There’s a reason getting a car is one of the most expensive investments ever; there are few vehicles that can go from the factory to the junkyard without requiring one major repair. When the time comes, you might wonder what shop can give you the best auto repairs for the problem you have and the […]

Four Reasons Why Regular Vehicle Check-ups are Vital

In the time of Henry Ford’s Model T, the car owner who understands how the automobile functions can service it virtually anywhere, because cars are much simpler then. Today, the growing sophistication of a car’s workings has effectively transferred maintenance from the owner to the shop. A standard checkup could involve about 50 (or more) adjustments […]

Importance Of Good Eyesight When Driving – Legal Requirements

Most drivers can recall in vivid detail the day they passed their driving test as a fond and light hearted anecdote we carry with us of one the most nerve wracking moments in our lives, but just how important is the eyesight test done before you even set foot in the car? Car License Sight […]

Best Parking Solutions In The Market

One particular brand of car sells around 8 ½ million cars each year. It just one car brand and to think of it, there are more than a dozen car brands in the market today. Now the question is this, where will we park them all?