How to Replace Your Emergency Brake

Many people have never had to actually utilize their emergency brake (also referred to as an e-brake, parking brake, or hand brake), but that does not make it any less an integral part of your vehicle. The fact of the matter is that the e-brake is there so that if your hydraulic brakes fail or […]

Auto Repair Shops: What to Look for

There’s a reason getting a car is one of the most expensive investments ever; there are few vehicles that can go from the factory to the junkyard without requiring one major repair. When the time comes, you might wonder what shop can give you the best auto repairs for the problem you have and the […]

Rust and Pre-emptive Car Care

Do you love your car? Do you wash it and vacuum the insides every week? That’s simply not enough and far too superficial. The motorcar is one of man’s greatest creations and you should respect it if only for your own benefit. Look after your car properly and it’ll give you years of joy, hold […]