Why are so Many Global Construction Projects Standing Unfinished?

The global landscape features scars wherever you look. Some of these are the result of extreme weather events or natural disasters. Others are due to war. The ones that we see every day, however, something else entirely is the cause of them. Incomplete construction projects are nothing short of an eyesore. There they sit, dominating […]

When To Approach Architects? A Guide For Manufacturers

As a product manufacturer, when is a good time to approach an architect about using your product? Marketers want to get products considered as early as possible in a construction project, but this is often left until after the planning application has been submitted. After the registration of a planning application, a project becomes public […]

Semi-detached from Reality – 5 Truly Unique House Designs

An Englishman’s home is his castle they say, and yet rarely do Englishmen own homes that resemble castles in any way. In fact, wherever you go in the world houses follow, for the most part, practical and utilitarian designs that conform to best practices of building with economy, safety and suitability to their environment. This […]