Top 5 Reasons To Use Cantilever Racking For Your Storage Needs

1. It is extremely versatile
Cantilever racking really comes into its own if you are someone who needs to store extremely heavy, long or awkward products. This is because, not only is the racking extremely sturdy and secure but it also allows you easy access to your products whenever you need to get to them. So you don’t have to worry about storing anything in a particular way or order, as everything is as accessible as everything else.

2. It is incredibly strong
Extremely sturdy steel beams are used to create cantilever racking and this means that you can be safe in the knowledge that your racks are going to withstand a great deal of weight. A particular impressive feature of cantilever racking is that it also has a number of upright supports, positioned at the back, which connect to others by bracing pieces. This increases the amount of support supporting the materials you are storing. You will always have a base fixed onto the racking as well, which you have the choice to fix to the floor for additional sturdiness, or leave unfixed if you do not think it’s necessary.

3. It makes the most of the space you have
A lot of people find racking irritating because it takes up more space than it needs to, with additional upright end sections or bits of steel that stick out of the sides so the racking won’t go flush up against a wall or gets in the way of forklifts. Cantilever racking has no such issues and because of this there should never be any problems with wasted space that should be being used as storage space. It also means that your transport systems, such as forklifts, should never have any problems getting to and loading up your materials.

4. It is super flexible
Using cantilever racking in your store or warehouse is most definitely the best option you can have, simply due to how flexible the installation can be. You will find that you can install racking from a variety of different designs, as well as sizes in order to ensure that it will suit your exact needs and therefore make the most of the space that you have. You also have the option of installing double or single sided racking, as well as the fact that because the arms do not have to be fixed, you can vary them to enable storage of larger or smaller items as and when needed.

5. It can be installed very quickly
A huge benefit of cantilever racking is that they can be put up so very quickly, as well as easily, which is a huge bonus when you are in desperate need of storage. The smaller racking systems often uses a ‘slot and tag’ method of assembly, which means that a tag positioned on the horizontal support will lock into a slot on the vertical support. Not only does this method prove to be extremely successful in terms of storing items safely but it also enables easy storage of the racking itself if it is no longer needed at any point in the future.

The larger racking systems tend to use bolt-on horizontal beams instead of the ‘slot and tag’ method but these are also incredibly easy to construct. All these heavy duty racking systems are also usually modular in design which means that you can keep adding to the system if you need more storage at any point in time, instead of being lumbered with one singular system and having to keep buying additional systems that don’t link up.

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