The Many Uses Of Storage Units

The way that a storage unit is utilized can vary depending on where the unit and its occupant are located in the country. For instance, users in the East may primarily rely on the unit to relieve stress while they are moving or for storing items they don’t need once the seasons change. While those uses are pretty universal no matter where the unit is located, residents in other parts of the country may need them for other reasons as well. For example, take the state of California where, in many towns, storage space is at a premium.

Replacing the Basement

Owning a home with plenty of storage space is often on the top of many home buyers’ wish list.  Having the ability to obtain this needed extra space can be tricky though. Depending on the location and type of residence in question, a basement or an attic space may not be obtainable. Take, for example, an apartment or condo complex. Tenants of these buildings often do not have much storage space because of the type of place they live in. On the other hand, those in the market for a freestanding dwelling may be forced to change their storage plans due to its location.  For example, homes in the state of California often do not come with basements because of earthquake related fears.

When a home buyer faces a situation where their potential new residence does not have adequate space, they can either pare down their belongings or look for a secondary location to store these items. This is where renting a unit at a self-storage facility can come in handy.  Keep in mind, as you look for the unit to fill this much needed storage gap, the size of the unit you choose will determine how much stuff can safely be stored there.


An impending move may also result in renting a storage unit. Knowing that you have the extra space available will help alleviate the stress of where to put everything during the transition. Keeping in mind the amount of space you will need for your situation is important. For example,  a young adult leaving home for the first time will likely need a smaller unit then an established family who is moving into a new house. Keeping these packing tips in mind may be useful.

Commercial Storage

Storage units do not just have to be for residential use. If for example a company needs space to store props or other furniture during a renovation project, a storage unit is a good fit for this.

Regardless of its intended use, having a storage unit in Santa Monica, or in a town close to you, can be beneficial in many situations.

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