Choosing The Right Lockers For Your Company

Theft is a big issue nowadays and although no one wants to think that their belongings will be unsafe in their workplace it’s a reality that has to be dealt with. In order to keep your own and your employee’s belongings safe during the working day the only solution is to have lockers installed in your offices.
If you have a discreet corner of your office where the lockers could be positioned then they will blend into the background easily and go unnoticed. If however, you don’t have the luxury of free space you might want to invest in some lockers that are a little more eye catching. There are a huge number of locker styles out there that can be incorporated into almost any surroundings so you’re sure to find some that are perfect for your working area.
Lockers are a great way to store all personal and valuable belongings safely and with their handbags and briefcases safe within designated lockers your employees will find it much easier to settle down into their working day and will therefore be more productive. Lockers in the workplace not only benefit your employees they benefit you too. Having lockers means that you can insist that all personal belongings are contained within them including mobile phones which means there will be no time spent texting at the desk. By limiting people’s access to their belongings you’re not only preventing any unwanted thefts you’re also making your workforce more productive so there are definite all round benefits.


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However, when choosing your lockers you do have to keep their primary purpose in mind; ultimately you’re buying the lockers to prevent crime in the workplace so they need to be strong and sturdy but that doesn’t mean that they have to be boring and ugly like the school hall lockers that everyone remembers. Nowadays you can get lockers in all different sizes, shapes and colours so you will be able to get ones to fit in with any style of office. Office lockers are also much more secure than they used to be and rather than the traditional lock and key opening system, some will only open when pressed by certain finger prints; the down side of this is obviously the huge cost that comes with them.
Alternatively though, if you want to avoid the predicament of lost keys but you want maximum security opt for combination locks. Combination locks mean that every employee can have their own and they won’t be misplaced; it also means that it’s really easy to give a new employee a locker as soon as they start because you don’t have to take the time changing the locks and keys with the fear that an old employee might have had a key cut to match.

Emma Stanton had no idea where to start when she was given the task of choosing lockers for her work place so she went to locker specialists Prefect Lockers for some advice.

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