Where To Tailgate This Winter

It’s happened again, just like it does every year at this time; football is over.  You know it’s coming, but that doesn’t make the pain of America’s favorite sport ending any better, as the emptiness lingers until summer training camps begin.  When you’ve cried off all your face paint and you’re out of chips and beer, maybe it’s time to open the blinds, let in some lights and remember that there are other fish in the sea.  You can’t waste your life waiting for football.  Sure, the months you spend together are magical and exciting.  But no one would blame you for exploring other options, at least until August rolls around.  Why not call up the gang, dust off the keg, rent a party bus and see what other sports have to offer you during these winter months.

Canada’s Favorite Sport: Hockey

You probably didn’t notice, with football taking up every second of your life and all, but the NHL hockey season almost didn’t happen.  There was a labor dispute that wasn’t solved until the very last second, which resulted in a shortened season.  Lucky for you, a shortened season means faster play, more fights and better deals on tickets.  With all the drama earlier with the lockout, franchises are worried about keeping their returning fan base.  This means cheaper tickets, especially group deals, for most games.  Not to mention a season’s worth of excitement in half as many games.

Sure, tailgating is hard in a parking garage when it’s zero below, but that’s what party buses are for.  You and your friends can hype yourself up in a nice, heated environment. It’s almost the perfect substitute for that sport that won’t be named.

The Only Reason March Exists: NCAA Basketball

March Madness! Sure it’s still a month away, but this is the right time to start getting excited and planning a college basketball get away.  With this year’s games happening in Philadelphia, Los Angeles and many places in between, there’s no reason not get the gang together.  Who knows, you’re Alma Mater may be playing in the tournament this year.  You won’t really know until a week or two before, but that’s no excuse not to start buying tickets and setting up your party bus rental.  And in case you weren’t convinced that this is the perfect thing to spend your winter following, it is the 75th anniversary of the tournament this year.  Seventy-five is the diamond anniversary, so you never know what will happen.

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